Garmin G530 / G430 Cannot Activate Leg

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I am not in developer mode.

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I loaded a landing procedure in the stock Cessna 172 SP using G430 while in the middle of a flight. I then tried to activate a certain leg and the option in MENU was disabled. I also tried to activate it in G530 with the same result. I’ve also tried to create a flight plan in G530 and activate certain legs, but that feature doesn’t seem to work.

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In either device click FLT button to see a list of waypoints. Click the inner knob of the right-most dial to activate cursor. Use outer knob to scroll to a waypoint. Click MENU button to see a list of options. The option to “Activate leg” is disabled.

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Are you using the PMS50 mod and have you downloaded the latest version to be comparable with SU9?

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I am not using any mods. It’s only what came with the game. Should I use this mod?

If you are on PC and using an aircraft with the 530/430 then yes, get this mod.

Loads better and far more real world features.

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Yes, the basic G530 has issues.
The mod is better and on Discord the mod developer said that WT is planning to improve it on a later stage.

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