Garmins Need Direct-to-Waypoint functionality!

I took the Baron 58 up today to do some basic IFR functionality tests (and also to try out the new Altitude knob that finally made its way in Patch 2!). After getting airborne, I loaded up an ILS approach on the G1000 to the local airport. The approach loaded up fine, but also with an entire DME arc. I wanted to skip the arc and fly directly to the FAF, but there is no obvious way to do this, and instead have to fly the entire arc (assuming I stick on nav mode) just to get to the final approach course.

In-fact, there is no obvious way to go to any waypoints directly on any of the Garmins within this game that I can see without dialing a waypoint in manually, and even then, it doesn’t sequence the other waypoints correctly.

What is supposed to happen (as is the case with real world garmins and other similar rnav units) is that you can select a waypoint on your flight plan, hit the direct to button, and it will arm a direct course to that particular waypoint. When you activate this, it will sequence you directly to that waypoint, and will continue on waypoints following the one you fly direct to.

This is very basic functionality that is used very frequently in IFR flight. If your vatsim controller wants you at a specific waypoint on the arrival, there should be a way to fly to that specific waypoint without having to manually dial it in again and have it be of incorrect sequence after. I will further add that this has been modelled in the past, in FSX, in FS9, and in X-Plane, so its just basic stuff that should be there.

Dear Microsoft/Asobo, please recognize this function and can you please add in an update of earliest convenience?

Thank you.


I recommend that you watch tutorials on Youtube as I have no problem using the DIRECT TO function with the G1000. There are so many great tutorials out there. Some cam be watched on your big screen (Roku YouTube app) like a movie !

First off, I used to be a training captain with a small aviation company operating older turboprops. When we first got a fully integrated G1000 aircraft, I was responsible for training some of our pilots. While it has been some years since I’ve worked for the operation, I’m pretty sure I still remember how to use a G1000.

The issue isn’t that the Direct To function is inoperable. The issue is that you cannot simply select a waypoint on your flightplan, then hit the direct to button, to sequence a direct to a specific waypoint on an approach! You cannot even do this for a regular waypoint, except when dialing it manually. It should be that when you highlight a waypoint with a cursor, press direct-to, such waypoint should show up in the direct-to box giving you the option to activate.

Say you load up ILS 35L Z at LIMC. There are four waypoints loaded: the INLER transition, EKPOP, FF35L, RW35L. Say I want to go to FF35L (the final approach fix). In the real box, you can highlight FF35L using the cursor knob, hit the direct-to function, will see FF35L being armed in the direct-to box, and activate. A magenta line will then be drawn allowing one to proceed to FF35L, with the map at RW35L to follow.

This is a basic function that is missing, and needs to be implemented because it is a frequently used feature in IFR, particularly in online ATC services like VATSIM.


Yeah the Garmin units need some major work in this game. I agree the lack of direct to shortcut sucks. Another slightly annoying thing is when you start to manually enter in a waypoint it doesn’t start with “K”. Messes me up every time

Absolutely. Today was making an approach with the TBM and when I select a direct to, after reaching the point, the aircraft turns to intercept the other waypoints it should skip. A very strange behavior and a very basic functionality.

Similar on the A320. The DCT page doesn’t show me all waypoints, but only those loaded with the menu flight planner, so no way to skip anything on the inflight loaded approach.