Gatwick (EGKK) Runways and ATC

Hi all

After weeks of not being able to fly due to CTD’s i have now managed to get airborne. After a couple of long test flights (as i need to build confidence that it won’t crash) around the UK and Australia i decided to take off from Heathrow (EGLL) on a short flight across London and land at Gatwick. To my surprise on approaching Gatwick the ATC responded to my request to land and told me to land on 08 Left. For as long as i can remember Gatwick has only used one runway, the southern one, which is 08 Right/ 26 Left.

Also after landing the ATC glitched out, After trying to hand me off to ground, all i got was a “Say Again” response option so i could not acknowledged the controller to continue to parking.

On the point of ATC are they ever going to sort it out so the ATC give consistent instructions. I have noticed controllers giving take off instructions for opposing runways like i get told to use runway 15 at Birmingham (EGBB) while the AI/real world traffic is taking off on Rnwy 33 which is kinda immersion breaking.

Same “Say Again” loop experience for me at EGKK.