Gaya LOWW v2 update - How to get?

Hello pilots!

Does anyone have information on how to get Gaya LOWW V1 to V2 update if the scenery was not purchased from orbx or marketplace. Gaya has since stopped distribution on the original platform. Unfortunately, Gaya does not respond to email inquiries.

Regards from CGN

I bought it from marketplace and still did not get any update.

There are installer like from simmarket, Orbx etc. as far I know they recognise the installation and update if needed

Just tried that. Neither simmarket nor orbx recognize the installation.

I contacted the developer GAYA via Facebook. After submitting documentation to purchase the scenery, the purchase was added to OrbxCentral and I had access to the V2 of the scenery.

Greetings from CGN
Seagull aka Jens

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Great, will try that. Thank you.

The Update already there on other platforms but not in msfs marketplace. Why?

It always takes awhile (sometimes a long while) for new products and updates to hit the Marketplace. This has always been the case.

If you’re on PC, it’s best to steer clear of MP purchases unless they are exclusive to the MP (like Carenado).

Buy direct or from other third party (ORBX, SimMarket, etc.) as they publish immediately if not within a day.


Usually it takes about 6-8 weeks before stuff is released onto marketplace. And that is without the holidays in between.

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This delay in release due to the marketplace bottleneck made me come to a similar decision. At the beginning of the history of the MSFS, I still used the marketplace quite often. In the meantime, I always look for alternative offers first. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s promise to accelerate releases was not sufficiently implemented.


I also used the Marketplace extensively in the past. I do not really worry too much about the delays in publishing updates - and I think the really important ones get fast-tracked anyways.

I do love the fact that all my add-ons are in one place and updating (if available) is a breeze.

My concern is that I slowly suffocate MSFS with all those add-ons - I have hundreds by now, and their number is only increasing. This is why I now try to buy from other places (I limit myself to SimMarket, Aerosoft and JustFlight for simplicity’s sake).

And here is where Addon-Linker comes into play: I created my own add-on folder structure for airports, planes and scenery, grouped by countries. Before a flight, I only activate the add-ons I need for my flight, all others are deactivated. This - I think - makes MSFS load faster, and it reduces the risk that two add-ons conflict with each other, crashing the sim.

I have raised this issue as a wishlist item for MS / Asobo: Create the possibility to easily activate / deactivate installed add-ons in content manager (instead of the need to delete them completely).

With this function, I would exclusively buy on Marketplace!

still wait the update…incredible!!!


Gaya´s LOWW V2.0 Update is finally arrived, on the Content Manager you can download it :sunglasses: !!

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Is Vienna working now After Update via Marketplace ? Xbox