Anyone using the Gaya airport LOWZ Zell am Zee in Austria ? I am reluctant to gamble more money on an incomplete airport …ie no Fuel Box. The default airport is so equipped and for me it is essential.

I bought it on sale, didn’t realize that was fuel box missing. I like the airport regardless

Thanks…as I suspected…I will save my money !

So there’s no way other than Refuel & repair? Or is there a refuel area but no ‘holo’ square?

Don’t make sense would be that high a score for that to be missing and some of the performance hit that some say…

There seems to be a misunderstanding here, BIXGTP didn’t confirm that there was no fuel trigger, they expressed surprise to be told that there wasn’t one.
The subsequent posts seem to be heading towards creating a thread of misinformation.
It is time to call a halt.

Gaya LOWZ does indeed have a fuel trigger, it is here:

One has to wonder sometimes at what might be the motivation behind topics like this.
For the record, I have nothing to do with Gaya at all but I strongly dislike the spread of false information, however trivial that it might be.


LOWZ is my home base on that side of the alps.

I had the GAYA LOWZ uninstalled (sadly) for a long time because it was very unoptimized and glitched MSFS out, but they finally updated it a week ago with another quick fix on top of that this week it seems, and it’s great now.

Nice location, STOL training strip, gliders, very scenic spot with lots to discover in the area.

What’s not to like? Even the fuel trigger works😜

Is Vienna working now After Update via Marketplace ? (Xbox)

Ok I’ll add this to my list to look out for next time a sale comes round. On xboxX also,