Gaya Simulations did a tremendous job in the World Update

I would like to thank Microsoft for letting Gaya Simulations create KATL, Friday Harbor and all the POIs in this world update. They did a spectacular job and the quality is awesome! We got Gaya’s KATL for free and honestly it looks much better than the paid versions out there.

I hope this partnership continues!


Gaya Simulations posted my feedback on their FB page. Man these guys are the best. I can’t wait for their UK airports and POIs for the next world update.

Thank you @DubiousMagician

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the excellent work done by Gaya Simulations. They created all POIs and airports for the world update 4.

Once again it proves how good of a partner Gaya has become in improving MSFS. Thank you @DubiousMagician and team!