GeForce 461.40 WHQL driver fix any issues?

Anyone done testing - does it give better results as Nvidia are aware that their drivers causing issues for Oculus headsets.

similar topic already exist here:

Ah well I’ll go back to Elite Dangerous VR which is absolutely perfect.


I agree. ED in VR is really amazing game

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I really enjoy ED, or you can jump in Aerofly FS2 as the feeling to fly smooth at 90fps (Rift CV1) with Ultra settings and Supersampling at 175% is amazing (even in my previous machine i7 3770K and GTX1080, now with i7 10700K and RTX 3070).

Just stick on NVidia driver 457.30 like lot of people here to get a smoother experience.

461.40 = constant CTD. Rolling back to 457.30 fixes for me.

I too have recently rediscovered Aerofly FS 2 and I’m loving the butter smooth performance.

Edit: newer drivers seem to be more sensitive to overclock than older ones. I dialed back my GPU overclock, and CTDs went away.


Today I planned exactly the same. Move from the bug infested “serious” sim to something more arcade - Elite Dangerous. And guess what:
They pushed (ED developers) small update of 60 MB, which completely screwed the training part of the game. The new users can’t get past the training sessions, their ships sitting dead at “Mawson Dock”. They are raising the hell on the support forums, while the experienced ED commanders advice to wait patiently for the patch a couple of weeks or even months.
Seems like there is no escape from the “agile” software development.
So what remains - Beat Saber or Half Life Alyx

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Mmmm, glad I’m far from the ED training session…

I can also advice for VR Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice VR Edition, Lone Echo, Star Wars Squadrons, obviously Aerofly FS2, IL2-Sturmovik (great), and if you have wheel and pedals, Assetto Corsa or even better (IMHO) Automobilista 2.

How do you rollback? I go to roll it back but it won’t let me

You should be okay just downloading the driver version you want and the reinstalling over your old ones. Nvidia drivers are designed to let you upgrade and downgrade at will.

You can also do the following if you’re paranoid like i am (though technically shouldn’t be necessary)

  • download DDU
  • disable internet network adapters (important, keeps maladaptive internet automagic stuff from happening)
  • boot into safe mode
  • run DDU, reboot
  • install desired nvidia drivers, reboot for good measure
  • reenable network adapters
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Ok thanks, I’ll try it. Ya I installed the new one that came out a couple days ago, but ever since I can’t run any games so I wanted to go back. Thanks again

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Watch a Youtube Video then or don’t play.

You are kidding me right

Trust me when I say in 2021 you can just uninstall via windows apps, reboot and reinstall.

I literally said it’s probably not necessary. The steps I outlined are copied and pasted from an EVGA engineer who was walking me through an RMA earlier this week.

Don’t tell me what year it is :roll_eyes:


Yep, but don’t forget to turn off in Windows update advanced settings the “Update other product than Microsoft Ones” (translated roughly from french) during this process, and re-enable it after, or possibly just disable internet.

I was crazy as recently I installed a recent NVidia version and when checking at the end I fall back on an old version, I mean very old. Doing it again and same problem. it was Windows update sawing I don’t have any NV drivers in between which was getting the hand.

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