GeForce driver 511.23 out today

How is the newest geforce driver working for everyone?

Flew around for about an hour. Did some sightseeing around Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area. No noticeable difference, good or bad.

I did have to reset my HDR in Windows 11.

Worked fine for me just done 1.5 hour flight from EIDW - EHAM

Game changer for me! It’s never been so smooth to flight airliners like the A32NX in busy airports like KSFO using AIG traffic :metal:t5:

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That noticeable of a difference? What GPU? I’m flying a GTX 1080 and I inevitably get 2-3 short pauses on approach. They really don’t bother me much. Updating from 496.76 to the 497 driver was an absolute nightmare, so once I got 496 installed and working again I vowed to leave it alone. I’m hesitant to go down that path again…

Updated from 496.76. Getting systematic CTD with this 511.23 driver version when HAGS is ON.
No ctd when HAGS is off, but more stutters than 496.76 and sometimes 1-2 seconds pauses as well.
Rolling back to 496.76 which is by far the best one for my rig, near stutter-free, never ctd’s, whatever HAGS on or off.
Ryzen 7 3700X, RTX2070, Windows 11, 32GB ram, no add-ons.

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Yeah, see that seals it for me. The 497 driver was craptastic and ruined a really good sim experience for me. Not worth trying 511 only to find out that it’s a similar mess.

Turning on HDR after installing a new graphics driver is always necessary

I can see that now, thanks. This was the first display driver update I have done since getting this new monitor with HDR capabilities.

It’s a well put together driver no issues with it so far

When to 511.23 from 497.29. Started getting random pauses and minor juddering. Went back to 497.29 and smooth judder free operations resumed. I use a 1080TI gpu.

Used him for some hours and feel fine with that new driver. Very stable and smooth. RTX3090

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2h flight without any problems.
RTX 3080 Xtreme

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511.23 gave me the first CTD I’ve had in months. It froze, then crashed during takeoff. Went back to 497.29.

i7 8750H
GTX 1050 Ti