Gelation icing effects, it is not shown on the plane

Hello, I have a question about the gelation effects on the different parts of the plane, and it is that I am flying under very extreme cold conditions, with snow, with strong wind, etc. the plane does not show any visual effect of ice, I am testing with the a320 neo, and I’ve been going through dense icy clouds for over an hour

since some update these effects stopped showing since before they appeared in a very fast way (unrealistic)

Does anyone know what I need or what conditions I need for the gelation effects to appear?

Check your icing settings in the menu. You have 3 options. Realistic icing. Visual only. And off.

I have realistic icing selected

can anybody help me? the effect of ice is not shown at all on airplanes with the default liveries and with dense clouds extreme temperatures of -70 degrees

Are you getting icing behaviour in the flights handling itself, though?

Don’t know how MSFS simulates icing, but at -70C° chances are that don’t encounter icing anymore.
Try temps closer to 0°C.

Yeah anything colder than -30c or so you’re not going to get icing. As PZL suggests, closer to 0 will get you nice and iced up. :slight_smile:

And you only get icing if you actually fly into clouds around 0 degrees Celcius. And doesnt the A320 have auto anti ice anyway? Not sure, I dont fly it much.

-70 won’t get you icing conditions.

the auto-anti ice is only on the pitot heat. the engines and wings anti-ice needs to be manually turned on. But it does give you an audio and visual warning on the upper ECAM to show you that you’re getting icing conditions, so that you know that you need to turn them on.

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I don’t know what “extremely cold” means but under those conditions you will likely not pick-up ANY ice.

Edit: I see you already got your answer.