General Aircraft vs Airliners

After last update was wondering why the GA got about 25 fix’s mostly to the CJ but airliners got well over 100 fix’s.
Do most of you guys fly the airliners?

Probably because GA work fairly well and have fewer bugs in comparison to the airliners.


To answer your last question, it seems that most people want to fly airliners. Look at the map the next time you’re on and click on all the little green planes cruising at 32 and 444 kts.


I think those are the real-time airliners

I don’t know if that’s true.

Nope, they are real people. You can see the names as well.

Flying at altitudes where the earth becomes a blur, while the atc and computer guide you seems to be the thing.

I mean, I think what people enjoy about it is the procedures and getting everything right. you might not see much from cruise but you see plenty on approach and while on the airports

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I think it’s also about the fact that airliners are typically far more complex than smaller GA aircraft. Hence why they take longer to develop and fix.

Not me… Almost always GA.


I have the most fun flying airliners in IVAO, it is like a dance, how all planes are properly put in order by the different controllers and sent in an organized manner to the hundreds of controlled airports around the world.
I love being a part of it.

It is like playing an instrument, of course I like the feeling of playing alone and the music I like, but being a small part of the orchestra and playing your role in it is a humbling and fun experience.


Very nice :clap:t5:. I like how you put that together.

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GA is more fun for me. Tubeliners fly from Point A to B. Realistically, you would never use them to fly low and slow, which is where I like to be. Short field approaches, buzzing towns and land marks, skimming low over the waves…


I had always flown tubeliners, but i have also started flying quite a few GA for the views etc. What’s great about this sim is you can fly what you want, whever you want… I can certianly see myself flying just about everything given time.

GA all the way for me. Been flying the 208 the most, but the Grravel mod is about to make me put the alpha off to the side and grab the ole warthog. To much fun! Not only can you fly above your house, but you can land and takeoff in the backyard! :rocket:

It nice to read a topic with good answer from people of both worlds…

I prefer GA but I understand the fun for those who master procedures…
Between GA and airliners, I think small turboprops commuters deserve love too (PC-12, Twin Otter…).

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I can’t wait for beavers and otters.

I do a mixture of both although I spend 80% of the time is tubeliners where I do prefer military aircraft sadly not currently present in the sim.

That’s real time traffic, not other players.

In FSX, I would have the best of both worlds. I used the (PMDG) 737NG to go from place to place, using the FMC, at around 4,000ft. Loved it! I’m still in basic training (GA) in FS2020.