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I grew up in a military family, my mom was the lead engineer(not sure if right title) who worked on (removed/tore down/repaired/replaced parts/reinstalled the engine on a squadron on F-14 tomcats at PAX back in the 80s, so I fancy myself pretty knowledgeable compared to most civilians. That being said, I am confused by a certain “issue?” going on. Shouldn’t higher altitude= higher (maybe not higher, but not lower) IAS/TAS? For instance, I am on a flight KPBM-KIAD. Highest designated altitude is FL450. I noticed that at say FL100 the longitude I can set cruise speed at 320 knots without being in the red, but at FL450 I have to reduce it all the way down to around 210 knots. Is this accurate?

Also, side note since I’m here, I have been using AI co pilot to do my landings as I have no hardware and landing on keyboard is CRAZY not really possible (I’ve tried for literally 20 hours to master it and performed ONE successful landing), but why oh why does AI co pilot “Jimmy” 1: always want to redline/overspeed? Why does the AI not know that they can’t/shouldn’t go over certain speeds? 2: Why does Jimmy NEVER deploy full flaps for landing and NEVER deploy any flaps if you decide to let him perform the takeoff??

The compressibility of air changes as you approach the speed of sound, and the speed of sound varies with temperature, and therefore altitude. That’s why the maximum indicated airspeed decreases as altitude increases.

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Don’t let co-pilot fly. He is bugged badly. The auto pilot is a better choice. Your indicated airspeed is correct but it doesn’t reflect your true airspeed or your ground speed. here is a link with the details

Trust me I DO NOT WANT to let him land, I would LOVE to be able to do my own landings, but until I get a yoke/stick IT’s all but impossible to do so, so I don’t see what other choice I have.

I have tried AP, it works perfectly most of the time for me now. But it starts to MASSIVELY screw up when I engage LOC/APP modes. It’ll capture the localizer and start the ILS descent but once I get about half way through the “gates” it just…“loses” it and stops descending and keeps going straight forcing me to abort landing. I don’t understand it lol, only way of landing for me is AI co pilot.

I’ve had pretty good luck with the autopilot in the A320. It doesn’t seem to flare in the auto-land configuration so I usually take over just below 100ft. and sometimes much sooner if I’m sight seeing or want to hand-fly the approach for fun. I am running the A320 NEO mod and I honestly don’t know if that would make a difference for you but it’s worth a try.

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