Generated bridges?

Anyone else having bridges generated as walls and dams?
overpasses are the same?
Tunnels show up as dead end highways?
Important airfield buildings just lumps of terrain?
No airfield lighted circle?

Broken game, get used to it… it was reported ages ago…

Crappy thing is that many are bridges in cities with landmark buildings placed directly adjacent to the bridge.

I know, fly to Portland Oregon and the broke ugly wall bridges ruin the whole city scenery and immersive feeling in the area.


Some of the bridges appear to be created as 3d objects and placed. Others were not so lucky. IN NYC there are a few bridges done nicely, and a few that were let to be auto generated as walls or dams. I guess hand creating all the bridges in the world is not really do-able given the time constraints.

Maybe some more will be added in upcoming patches or a 3rd party will fix them at some point.
Id rather not even see them until they are made as 3d models, but I guess that takes time too.
Not making excuses for it, but I can see where this is a problem not quickly resolved.


Have you noticed the vehicle traffic drives over the top of all bridges like hills?
But really I don’t think it possible to model all bridges to their real world counterparts but they should have a generic bridge that looks like a bridge!