Geographic Info

I’d like to have a map view built in where we could get information about where we are. Like city names roads and the like.

Could you be a little more specific in what you’re looking for? There is a freeware program, Volanta, that will show you where you are. There’s also payware like Navigraph (which is excellent.)

Little Nav Map will show you where in the world you are, plus give you a ton of other info about your flight and aircraft as well as others around you and is free.

For a paid service, Navigraph will show you where you on on the world map, as well as high and low airways. Also lets you load approach plates, taxi info etc so you can see where you are.

You might want to get Busktalk Radio. It reads wikipedia-type information about the local POI’s to you while you’re flying.


Oh that’s neat! Is it on

Yes. You can follow the download links from their website, but it takes you to

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Sorry. Several beers in tonight. Lol missed that it was a hyperlink the first time!