Germany devided after World Update 6 - this time by satellite

So, this is how it looks now in the center of germany (my homeregion).
Everything was fine before the update. Now we got screwed up satellite data.
Before the update everything in that region looked like on the left side.
You need max zoom level in the world map, to see the full story. One zoom level back out and everything is fine. Can we get the second closest zoom level for ingame?
I guess not.

Well, germany is devided again…
And patched up by clouds and weird texture patches.

Yes, what satellite textures we got is much worse in large parts of Germany than it was before the update. But this kind of satellite photos can also be seen in Austria, Luxembourg, France. This should be corrected as soon as possible. Something that caught the eye with the sights are the textures of the buildings that are too perfect. The textures should look more dirty, which is more in line with reality, because wind and weather leave their mark. Now they look more like perfect models freshly painted and polished up. Just my very private impression.

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Yeah, I was looking around in bing about austria and it is really bad in some places too after WU6: