Gesten Glider Field (EKVE) shown as water runway

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Gesten Glider Field in Denmark is mistakenly depicted with a water runway. Should be a grass runway.

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ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Options > Display position)


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Locate (water) aircraft at EKVE.

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1.30.12 (bug might exist since an earlier build)

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Hi @ChrixFlyer
I’m not seeing the issue on a completely unmodded sim. Are you sure you might not have any older mods of any kind still in your system? Mods do not have to be related to that specific airport to have an adverse effect on it.
Hope it works out for you.

I use a completely unmodded version of MSFS (1.30.12). This is what EKVE looks like:

It’s listed as “grass runway” in Little Navmap, but not depicted as such in the sim…

Hmmmm. Field looks fine in my sim. Video driver issue, bad texture loading??? So many things it could be. Hope you find the issue.

Try: Delete the rolling cache and reset it, if you use it.
Restart msfs and try again using a default ac.

Tried that, doesn’t change the appearance of this airfield.

I tried other grass airfields, as well, no problems there (at least as far as I observed, yet). So I’m pretty sure there’s no general video driver or texture loading problem.

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You’ve got something going on, This (LJAJ) is you too.
Try: delete gpu shader cache.

Confirm community folder currently empty.
Any previous add-ons, of any type, but now removed?
Any purchases from Market place, if so what?
Any external addons, fsuipc, lnm, pmdg, etc…

I found the “culprit”: it’s the Navigraph data update. Haven’t noticed until now this even contains modified airport sceneries, and this also explains the other issue with Ajdovscina (LJAJ) which obviously is not even part of the default scenery (yet)… :roll_eyes:

Okay, one “problem” solved, another remains: what to do with these Navigraph updates now… ? :confused:
I know this is not related to this specific airport problem, but has anyone else some experience with these external nav data updates?

Just to inform any problems related to unknown (or strange-looking) runway surfaces caused by Navigraph updates (like the one mentioned above) have been resolved with AIRAC 2303 rev. 1. :wink: