Get a Hold on your FPS! Creating Custom Graphic Configurations for Multiple Aircraft or Airports

Hi all:) Seemed like every time I was in a different aircraft, I was fiddling with the graphic settings optimizing for best FPS. Same thing for flying dense areas or out in the country somewhere. The sim doesn’t give us a method for saving various configurations. So here is what I’ve been doing…

The file in C:\Users"your name"\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache called UserCfg.opt contains the graphic settings.

I made a folder called “Aircraft Custom Configs” inside the same folder as UserCfg.opt file. Inside the Aircraft Custom Configs folder, I created another folder for any particular aircraft… for example, a “Cessna 172 Steam Gauge” folder. You can have as many as you like for each aircraft or maybe similar aircraft that have same fps impact.

I then created a shortcut to LocalCache folder and the “created” Aircraft Custom Configs folder on my desktop or whereever you like.

So once you get your perfect graphic settings for your particular Aircraft…for example, the Cessna 172 Steam Gauge, exit out of the sim… then click on both shortcuts you created, and copy the LocalCache->UserCfg.opt to the aircraft folder in the Aircraft Custom Configs folder that you created for the Cessna. You can have only one UserCfg.opt file per aircraft folder that you have created, since you shouldn’t rename the UserCfg.opt file.

Let’s say if you were flying a heavy with your graphic settings lowered for fps… then decided to fly the Cessna 172 Steam Gauge which is better on fps, simply close the sim and open the two desktop shortcuts you created, and copy the UserCfg.opt from the “Cessna 172 Steam Gauge” folder and paste to the Local Cashe folder and overwrite. Start the sim and you will have your perfect settings for your Cessna:) Obviously you could also set up different UserCfg.opt files for flying in lower fps cities or Airports.

I tested if the sim would rebuild the Userfg.opt file if I deleted it out of the LocalCache folder. When I restarted the sim it wanted to redownload the sim for some stupid reason. I shut the sim down, and added a UserCfg.opt to the LocalCache folder from any of the Aircraft Custom Custom Configs folders and everything worked perfect. Just make sure you have at least one UserCfg.opt saved. I’d probably just save the original UserCfg.opt somewhere for saftey if you are unsure about all this.

If some programmer wanted to make an app with a nice graphical interface that would do this, it would be sweet:) I wouldn’t think it would be that hard. Maybe a category for aircraft where you could type the aircraft name and click Save and it would save the current UserCfg.opt from the LocalCache folder with that aircraft somewhere. Then if you clicked apply for that aircraft, it would grab its UserCfg.opt and overwrite the one in the LocalCache folder. Perhaps it could have different categories other than aircraft such as airports and areas. You could for example type in Cessna 172 KRDU for optimized config for that aircraft at that particular airport.

I posted this because it really makes things less frustrating for me:)


Customers should not have to be messing with .cfg files, or any other for that matter, in order to make this game run half way decent.
This game is very poorly optimized at the moment. Too much time is being taken on world updates, than actually making the game somewhat playable.
I will call this a game, since it has not reached the maturity to be called a sim.


IMO… it is no different than changing the graphic settings in the sim interface. I am not editing the file directly… only saving a config file that the sim interface created. That’s what this config file does. The only problem I see is if they somehow change that file after a new update… then maybe the old saved config files might not work. I would save the new config file after each update to be safe. Maybe it would be changed, maybe not. If anyone doesn’t fully understand what this is doing then it’s probably not for them. I won’t be responsible. But this is working so well for me, I wanted to share:)

Very cool idea!

Why don’t you just switch from ultra to high end or even medium and back for every demanding aircraft? It can’t be simpler as that. Asobo spend hours optimizing settings profiles for eveybodys needs.

I do that pretty much in 2D, but in VR when every setting is more critical for FPS performance it works for me:) For instance, there is a local grass strip that I like the grass on Ultra. From that flight I prefer High or Ultra Clouds… something has to sacrifice. I make my custom config for that grass strip. I’m running an overclocked10900k, overclocked 3090, 64 gigs of ram, but still difficult to get smooth FPS… at least till it gets more optimized.

My main issue with this sim is not being constantly smooth and I also blame my rig(the cpu is on the weak side for me with big airports and airliners) other than optimization it runs quite well with default GA planes that are equipped with steam gauges. What I also started doing is eliminating cpu settings like traffic where sim got less jittery.
I will wait to see what Asobo brings in the future.ATM cannot afford a shiny 3090 and the latest cpu.

I’m wondering if a lot of the performance issues are related to the server. I can change nothing in the sim, the computer… same airport, same time, same everything, and get different results. I have a very fast connection. I have been having a problem where the trees are not rendering in sections, even if I turn 180 and head back the same direction. Doesn’t matter if I have rolling cache on or off.

same here, and it IS confounding, vexing and perplexing

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