Get rid of Map Pin from airport you took off from? How?

I have noticed when I set up a flight plan going to a Uncontrolled airport…

  1. My co-pilot forgets how to speak after takeoff (wont handle radio even though switch is on)

  2. I get this ANNOYING map pin for the airport I took off from. HOW do I get RID of this PIN??? Most of the time its smack in the middle of my PFD!

Turn off taxi ribbon.

i beleive its becuase you have to have a flight plan, and also radio in to the appropriate stations.

Right I found out how this happens a few days ago.

If you are using ATC to clear flight plan, then taxi, sometimes, when you get to the runway (airports without towers/ATIS only), the system doesnt see you’ve finished your taxi. If, you are also using automated ATC this will also stop working. The last time this happened to me I didnt take off I wandered back to the runway start where the pin was … got CTD.

The second time this happened, I announced takeoff, depart straight out and as soon as I rotated, my ATC lady was straight onto the controller and the pin vnished.

Looking back, this only happens at ATIS airfields.

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Thanks all…Ill try the taxi ribbons and the announced takeoff. Correct it happens at uncontrolled airports only. Although I swear I announce takeoff.