Get rid of pushback tug for GA aircraft

Can we please get rid of the pushback tug in front of my tiny Cessna? First of all its not realistic, nobody uses a towbarless tug to pushback a small Cessna from a parking spot while the aircrafts turning radius allows it to turn around on a post stamp. On top of this they are getting run over all the time as you can’t get rid of them if you just want to taxi out yourself.

Though not realistic, you can overrun those tug operators without damage.
Indeed, that’s not realworld stuff and yo only have a problem if your plane is parked close to a building.
Also strange to see is that at fields like EHTE, there’s no groundservice communication at all.
No idea why that fueltruck is modelled there too.
And fun fact: In the real world there’s that Hotel plane halfway, near restaurant ‘the hangar’ It’s an Ilyushin 18, formerly used by Erich Honneck ( DDR)
In the current FS2020 version it’s modelled as a brick building in a shape of roughly a plane and it’s only visible if you crossfly from Sierra.
Well, I hope this will be corrected in a future world/Europe update.

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The small pushback tug and marshaller that are always standing in the way for small GA planes in remote locations can be disabled in the specific aircraft.cfg

In the file there is a section called services, this is how it looks for the default C172 G1000
The file is at …\Official\OneStore\asobo-aircraft-c172sp-as1000\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_C172sp_AS1000\aircraft.cfg


Play with 1s and 0s to your likings, it will need to be modified after each sim update.
It needs to be done for each aircraft


Every time I start a flight at GA parking a ground worker is there ready to give my Cessna a pushback

Probably should be tied to aircraft type

I’ve pushed a Cessna many times. Not with a tug but there are times it needs to be moved away by hand from a fuel pump or pushed back from an object. I get your point though. Perhaps no crew nearby until triggered. I don’t like running these guys/gals over but they never complain.


If the airplane has an aircraft.cfg, you can remove the push back tug by setting

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It’s cos the parking type added to the airports determines what, if any services are spawned or available.

Do you know if this also disable the marshall on arrival? That fella is a good adition since the ramps are all wrong numbered according to aerodrome charts

I’ve chosen ramps up against buildings or foliage which required a pushback. Running them over never helped also…:wink:

I wish we could get out of the aircraft to push it or look around to determine where to be pushed. I hate using external camera and prefer to keep first person experience

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I think there is a separate setting for the marshall.

Yeah I wish they would impliment some aircraft awareness for the ground crew. They commonly just walk through my aircraft haha


In any case, [shift] p acts as a toggle to :

  1. initiate a push back when needed and no ground service available
  2. Stop a push back when the guy is sending you right into the nearest plane or structure…

Get Little NAV map and open it first to look at the Airports before starting FS. Awesome freeware but I made a dontation. Plus you can use in flight to get Those Nav and Com Freq and more. Even Weather.


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The main problem I’m having is that the pushback gets triggered by the AI co-pilot when letting it run comms if I’m starting at a towered airport…

This requires me to pull up the ATC window, wait for the dialogue to finish, then request an end to pushback as fast as possible. This doesn’t always happen before the tug gets to me, especially if it’s a busy airport, though if I leave the parking break on it doesn’t move very fast. :wink:

If the tug existed but didn’t trigger by itself I wouldn’t care.

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