Getting a refund for the Marketplace

I purchased the London City Pack from Obrx via the Marketplace and it is absolutely shocking! The scenery is so bad. How can Microsoft allow such rubbish to be purchased in the Marketplace? How do I get a refund? It’s a total disgrace from Orbx.

Just to let you know, I read on FSelite that Orbx have released an updating for the London City Landmarks pack (and their London City Airport addon). Apparantly it excludes the landmarks that removed the better Asobo ones and has various improvements to things like night lighting. But there are no improvements to the actual low res models from what I understood.

I still agree its not a very good addon though. Not sure you can get refunds in the Marketplace directly.

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I’m guessing there’s no way of knowing when the in game/sim marketplace version has been updated? I may have to start buying ORBX addons directly from ORBX and installing via their ORBX Central client in future as that way you get updates earlier.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for MS to accept updates to existing addons on the marketplace. It’s already available if purchased from Orbx directly.

I hope they don’t purposely delay updates to the marketplace to make it more preferable to buy direct from developers.

Also interested in this as I purchased innsbruck from the market place and was then wondering about buying London pack but I’m unsure whether its better to buy it direct as updates will be faster.

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I ended up grabbing stuff from ORBX direct.
One thing that is worth noting, is that ORBX is based in Australia and all pricing is in Australian Dollars. So your final cost from ORBX directly will vary a bit from what’s in the FS Marketplace based on the conversion rate and any possible foreign transaction fees based on payment method.

The ORBX store provides various “estimates” but they’re not exact.

In particular the London Pack is priced as $10.99 AUD (which ORBX estimates would be “US$7.87 | €6,67 | £6.01”)
This uses a 1.396 AUD per USD estimated conversion rate
Paying via paypal, I ended up getting charged $8.30 USD for the $10.99 AUD
Which is based on a ~1.325 AUD per USD exchange rate

I haven’t bought anything from the MS Market directly, but I assume the $7.99 (USD) price for the pack would have less variability.