Getting CTD´s loading larger airports

Hej From Sockholm…

Have a issue and wondering if anybody else is experiencing it.

Setting the departure airport at KLAS, KLAX that is mainly larger airports and while loading aand I get a CTD at the middle / end of loading. But, setting the departure from smaller airports such as KORS , KSEZ or KEGE and they load as normal.

Of course the latest update is installed and I never had this issue before the update.

Crazy I know. Why smaller airports load and larger do not. Maybe many are experiencing it.

… anyway thanks for your thoughts.

My Specs : Windows 10 64-bit
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
Nvidia GeForce RTX TUF 3090

I notice the same problem with KLAS as well as Zurich as starting point. Smaller airports are OK (I use KORH as my home airport since I used to fly there IRL). Using larger airport (KLAX) as destination seems OK. Type of aircraft doesn’t seem to matter though I’ve only tried it with Citation Longitude and Aermacchi MB339 add-on jet. Noticed since Update 5. No change with recent hot fix.

I had issues like that, until I realized that I had another game running in the background. Are you sure you don’t have another program running that takes much of the memory ?
In any case, 32 Gb should be more than enough to run the sim.

Couple of things you can test;

  • remove all mods and try again
  • lower graphics settings a bit and try again