Getting downloaded objects into sim

So I am trying to get these files I downloaded from here: Libraries Scenery Enhancements for Flight Simulator 2020 into the sim. How do I do this? I can find tutorials on how to import from blender, but I can not find out how to download an object and make it so I can access it in sim. Thank you

Okay I figured it out. Seems like most of the packages you download and copy straight into your community folder. Then you can access via SDK in game just like all other scenery objects. Cool stuff!

Yup! You just have to remember that by doing it this way, everyone else needs those libraries as well to see the objects you add to your sceneries. As opposed to adding objects to your modellib where the assets get packaged into your own scenery bgls.

Thanks! Unfortunately now I am doiing something wrong because I can not get an object I show up in sim that I import from Blender. I tried all day an no luck. Its making the three files and even putting the textures in the right location, but nothing works when I try and build it into the project. Going to get back after it tomorrow, but boy is this fustrating,

You still need to modify the xml for msfs to recognize it.
This is a good tutorial to start with

Thank you for that. Great reference. I think I am getting a little hung up because I am making bush strips out of strips that are not recognized in the sim. So I have been making airports from scratch. Can I still start with making the airport or should I always set them up as scenerys?

So I am getting this error. [Package Validation] ‘loschinos’ - Warning: Invalid Package Name ‘loschinos’, package name should be in the form ‘aaa-bbb-…-xxx’ and only contain lower case letters or digits

I really dont understand what I am doing wrong. It looks to be in the right form to me. Any ideas?

Here’s another good reference for airport creation its step by step.

As for your error, goto project details in inspector and under the airport name change it to ‘airport-icao-name’

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Cool. Thank you. I think my biggest problem was I did not understand you needed to set up different packages for different things. I thought you could all just throw it in one package. I didnt realize I had to create a seperate package for the objects I wanted to create and then put that in my community so I could access in game. I thought I could do it all in the files and the package. I wish people would kind of start of with the more overall structure and then get into how to make the individual packages for different things. But I think after three long days of trial and error with tons of tutorials and help from people like you i am coming around.

Yeah it takes alot of reading and playing around. Back your files up! The sdk is not bery intuitive so the videos out there are very helpful. Start small, you can always build on what you started later.

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Quick separate question. Is it possible to take an object that came with the sim and modify it in bender?

Not that I am aware of, I do not believe there is an object extractor yet, But you can check fsdeveloper dot com there are some pretty advanced tools in being worked on there.

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Right on. Thanks.

You wouldnt happen to know why sometimes when I make a model in blender it has a bright light above it in sim?

Oh yeah, make sure you delete the light on the right hand window where camera and your object are listed

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Ohhhhh. Ok. Thank You!