Getting duplicate assignments for Rudder Left and Right (Mad Catz F.L.Y.5)

Hi I have a Mad Catz F.L.Y.5 Stick.
Getting most things assigned except Rudder Left (Yaw Left) is getting the same input assigned as Rudder Right (Yaw Right) i.e. Joystick R-Axis Z+ ; despite the fact I am twisting the stick in the correct direction.

I have tried to manually apply Rudder Left (Yaw Left) to Joystick R-Axis Z- but on validate, it never gets picked up when testing i.e. the assignment doesn’t light up in the UI.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

You shouldn’t be using the Rudder Left/Right command but instead should be binding your rudder joystick input to the Rudder Axis command. The Axis command is a single linear left/right command that should recognize the full range of your Rudder input left and right. First clear out any commands bound to your rudder input. Then select the Rudder Axis command (make sure the Filter is set to “All”). In the bindings window click on the “Search By Input” box (not Select An Input). Activate the rudder input on your joystick and the Input should fill in. Click Validate to save it. If this doesn’t help let us know and we’ll see where to go next. Rick

Some other helpful resources on Controller setup:


I totally get what you are saying - but I think its still having the same problem - I have made a video to show exactly what happens but I can’t share the link or upload it for because I am too new.

The bar is full 50 % on validate - I twist right and it goes 100%. I twist left and it goes 100% NOT 0% as I thought it would.