Getting odd resolution issue

Hello, I’m getting an odd resolution look when flying. The area circled in red is the area that it occurs most. It appears almost like static while flying, I also get it when looking out at the spinning propeller.

I’m running a RTX 3070 and most settings are set to ultra for the graphics. I’m wondering if someone has advice on what setting to tweak that might address this issue.


Its a reflection issue see the same sort of thing when looking at shiny materials on objects.
Used to get this on the front screens on other planes aswell.
I don’t think there is a way for us to fix it.

Could see if it’s better or worse with the reflection setting higher or lower in msfs.

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That, my friend is the TBM 930. The exhaust, on each side of the propeller creates that blurriness.

Yes, it is distracting. Yes, it is not the best representation of an exhaust. But she is what she is… It would be nice if we could turn it off. But that is for version 5.15.23.

Thanks for the reply Mark. While I am familiar with the exhaust miraging effect, this particular issue doesn’t fall within it. When I change my perspective in the cockpit, it remains. Also, this happens in front of the aircraft reflecting off the propeller, well forward of the exhaust.

Dorrager, thanks for the reply. I’ve somewhat resigned myself to live it, just hoping someone might have an idea/tweak/setting to get rid of it. It isn’t a big issue, all in all, I love flying the TBM and I’m aware this isn’t a huge issue.


Will definitely play more with the reflection settings.

Thanks again!

I remember seeing it in the TBM when I first started flying it. Now I don’t even notice it. It’s like a bad texture reflection? Consider putting in a Zendesk? I have about seven in there. Join the crowd!

Are we up for any bets on my version update number for this issue? I may have exaggerated a wee-bit. :slight_smile:

It isn’t a big issue and I know I’m picking the gnat sh!t out of the pepper, but always worth asking the community.