Getting weather data when not using real-time weather

I would like to get the in-game weather as it is set in the UI. Looks like all of the SimConnect_Weather* APIs are listed as deprecated. If the weather is set to real time (live) then I don’t need to do anything. If the user has set it to something else, I would like to know wind, pressure, etc. (METAR info). Is there any way to get this info? I’ve implemented GDL-90 for EFBs and would like to display the weather through FIS-B if it when not the same as real-time.

Most standard simconnect weather variables work in MSFS just the same as they do in FSX. Temperature, pressure, wind direction and velocity, visibility - all exist, and with the same variable names as FSX or P3D.

Any variables relating to clouds or precipitation however are deprecated and have no values.

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Ah I see them under the vars section, bummer about not being able to get cloud coverage though. I’ll just implement without that info for now and maybe figure out how to do something later.