Ghost Device Connect/Disconnect CTD

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Brief description of the issue:
I’ve been struggling with a “ghost” device disconnect/connect sound CTD. I’ll be mid-flight and the sound will occur despite not connecting or disconnecting any peripherals, and then a 20-30 second freeze, and then CTD. I installed a USB log tool to see if I could pinpoint which device is causing it, however it doesn’t show up in the log. I ONLY encounter this with MSFS and it doesn’t happen with any other games or day to day PC usage. I’ve gone into Device Manager and turned off the “turn off this device to save power” option for virtually every device on my PC.

The last big update seemed to have helped significantly - the event would still happen however after the 20-30 second freeze things would resume as normal rather than the CTD. However in the past week the CTD is back. I can’t deal with the frustration at this point so I won’t be flying until I can find a fix or the dev team addresses it.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant:
Windows 11
Intel i5-9400F
Nvidia RTX 3070 (driver ver. 497.29(
Peripherals: Logitech Flight Yoke/Throttles/Rudder Pedals, Jabra Headset

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:
All builds up through

Go into device manager and expand the USB sections. Right click each and select properties and then power management.

Ensure the box to allow the computer to turn it off is unchecked for each.

If they are, you could be overloading the USB bud in terms of power (drawing more than it can supply). This was my issue and had to get an externally powered USB hub.

See my original post, I unchecked that option for every device on my PC. I’ll look into what you mentioned about the USB hub. how did you determine you were overloading your USB ports?

I don’t know if there’s a way to prove it or not, I just know I had 16 devices and allot of them draw power and a fair ammount.

Stream Deck, Logitech Pannels, etc… So I bought one and the issue went away completely. I also turned off power share in the BIOS so the USB wasn’t providing power to charge devices.

This is the one I went with.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind

You could also unplug them all and slowly introduce one by one until the issue occurs, or leave them all in and eliminate one by one.

Also just wanted to suggest that.

I use a cheaper usb hub btw, to eliminate such problems if someone wants to spend a little less(no guarantee that it solves this specific issue):

I don’t have that many devices plugged in - only the flight yoke/throttle quadrant/pedals (one USB slot), a headset, a keyboard, and a mouse, so I’m a little hesitant to say it’s a power issue but I could be wrong. I’ll try with the individual devices but this happens completely randomly and I can’t figure out how to reproduce it - I’ve tried jostling the USB plugs and the devices themselves but it does nothing.

Regardless it’s kind of ridiculous that the USB thing would cause MSFS to CTD. I know they said it was addressed in the last release and like I mentioned earlier I did see a change for a while to where it would only freeze for 30 seconds and go back to normal. In the past week the CTDs have come back :cry:

What would happen exactly when the overload occurred? Would that device remain disconnected for some time or would it immediately turn back on? Just curious if it’s similar to what I’m seeing.

I would get a variety of issues.

Then decide would stay off, come back on. The sim would pause / freeze for random amounts of time or crash.

Soon as I unplugged one of the power hungry devices issues went away. Then I got the hub.

ähmm… this should not be necessary… Have you already tried to disable “selective usb power-saveing” in extended energy options ?

Trying a powered usb hub , as other users mentioned, is realy worth to try… there are strange issues possible , depend on mainboard… it costs not much :slight_smile:

I know that there are some applications, that even though you turn off “selective USB power-saving” in the power profile, that will still turn it back on as it has it’s own power profile / management built in.

The Alienware Command Center is one of these. You can manually set everythign, but if the profile is not set in AWCC as soon as you reboot it gets reverted back.

I’m sure there are other systems / programs that act similiarly.

Dell PCs… oh yeah… not good experiance in terms of “freedom” :slight_smile:

I had never the case that a tool reverted the energy option settings. But also since a long time I no longer need to set this setting to off. I cant remember since when it works fine also with these setting on, but it was a issue in my case also before msfs was there. But may these depends also at the devices itself.

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Yea, this is Alienware Control Center which is used to set the Overclocking profiles, XMP, LED colors etc… it also has a power management portion which overrides the windows one. So if you set windows accordingly, then reboot. When AWCC runs, it applies its active profile.

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