Ghost WPT « D0 » in IFR FPL

PC user
Steam Version, no dev mod.

Does anybody have this issue after SU6 ?
A D0 waypoint appears as the first point of on IFR flight plan created into the MSFS flight planner ONLY when departing a GERMAN airport and not when using the NXi.
The point still always here, even if you deleted it, even if you erased it with another SID.
When a NAV mode is activated, the plane turn back to this point, even if you try to fly a ILS approach at arrival. It cannot be “jumped” by activating the next leg.

I had this issue way before SU5 even, noticed it first departing 26R EDDM.
Not only with IFR but with VFR, if it goes unnoticed you fligh out towards a vrp turn on AP and your plane makes a 180°, the vatsim controller wasn’t too happy :sweat_smile:

So , if I understand, it’s a old bug coming back after SU6 ?

seems like it!? I wonder how and why so few notice it?