Ghosting when panning the view around

Please the video and especially the rudder area. Sometimes, when panning the view quickly around, there are some artifacts, like ghosting… I thought it was related to the monitor, but G-Sync is off. And it was captured in the video too, so I guess it´s independent from the screen. It´s not so noticeable every time, just sometimes, but can´t find a common cause.

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Microsoft Store
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Yes, and still happens, but not always
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Brief description of the issue:
When panning the view quickly around, some ghosting (see video). Especially in external view
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i7-4790k, 32 GB Ram, rtx2070s, running 1440p
Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:
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Not yet, my experience in the past was not so good so I prefer to post here and see if anybody has an idea or maybe the devs can see it

Try without TAA and see if that’s the culprit. If not, it seems to be mostly in the clouds, so what’s your setting for clouds (low/medium/high/ultra)? I’ve seen other effects in clouds that suggest they’re rendered over multiple frames.

These artifacts are visible in one of the startup images, by the way (the one with the yellow plane, Savage Cub maybe?), so you’re clearly not alone.

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I am having this same problem. It is very noticeable in the clouds when rolling or pitching the aircraft. I am hearing that this is an issue with the sim itself. Have you had any luck fixing this?

Not yet, for some reason it´s happening randomly and I can´t easily isolate what could be the reason

I’m not having this issue at all.

Ghosting is back in regards to the clouds. I thought this was fixed. Also appears the edge ghosting around wings and clouds have snuck back into the Sim as well.
My video shows it clearly in 4k, Watch the antenna on the DC-6 roof and you will see the trail it makes.

I get this when I see other aircraft. They leave a short black trail of pixels in their wake. Not convinced it isn’t also part of the grainy cloud problem.


Yeah most likely. Asobo fixed this months ago and it’s back again… Huh go figure!

It’s mainly visible at far distances when planes are superimposed and moving on runways and clouds.

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I am having this same issue. I was flying the T45 through some clouds when I first noticed it. Obviously the aircraft rolls and pitches pretty quickly so I noticed the ghosting right away coming off of the wings and tail. Have you been able to fix this? I am playing in 1080p ultra by the way.

We can’t fix this. It was a problem last year and Asobo patched it then. But it’s back. They know about it so hopefully next week they patch it again… lol

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Am also having the same issue since WU5… Is there definitely nothing we can do our end? I’ve tried many things and am running out of ideas. Even minimizing it would be great.

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Unfortunately we will have to wait for the SU6 whenever that drops, And hope Asobo have fixed the graphics. I believe this bug also relates to the grainy cloud textures and the thin line across the horizon which was all previously fixed earlier this year as i mentioned.


Appreciate the reply. Fingers crossed for a quick-fix


I had that allready after u5 with aircrafts. But now also with towers when looking arround.

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I have the same i hope asobo will fix this in the next update. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Happens a lot with light posts at airports.

After SU6 this Problem still exists on PC and now also on xbox series x.
Before SU6 I did not recognize this on xbox series x.

After SU6 I think the problem is more visible now, especially with outside views when moving the aircraft quickly (rolling, especially)

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