Gigabyte Z690 and Aorus DDR 5 Ram

I have been looking for deals on Z690/Z790 motherboards to pair with the 4090 and Intel 13th gen processor. I’m upgrading from a 10700k and 3080.

MSI motherboards have been my go to for several years, but there is a good deal on a Gigabyte Z690 Ultra Motherboard and 32 GB of Aorus DDR 5 RAM for $285 after tax. Anyone have any recent experience this motherboard/RAM? I’m sure it’s fine, but hard to break with MSI.

I have read of significant increased performance with Z790 and 13th gen vs Z690. Here is one article i quickly googled. I have not read about where this stands in detail but something to be aware of.

Intel 13th Gen Performance Issues on Z690 Boards May Have a Simple Fix | Hardware Times.

I have a Gigabyte Z690 and when I mounted Gen 4 WD SN850 M.2 on it instead of the Gen 3 WD SN550 M.2 I started to get WHEA warnings (PCIe) in the hundreds and thousands! I engaged Gigabyte over weeks following their requests for data…. long story short they ended up basically telling me to do one (even tho I pointed out they’d had a recall on another model Mobo with the same error!). I’ll never buy Gigabyte again.


Thanks for the feedback, my first DIY machine was built in 2004 and I started out with a faulty Gigabyte motherboard. I exchanged for a second one that was faulty for a totally different reason. After almost 20 years I guess nothing has changed. I’ll stick to MSI, you get what you pay for.

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Agreed. I’ve used Gigabyte MBs from the start and had an only one issue with an I9 board. They issued an RMA and eventually replaced the board but the support is sketchy. As far as economy, I don’t see them as being a particularly low cost option. When 490s come down, I think I’ll try MSI…

I bought a GB Ultra last year early in the release. Paired it with a 12-gen i9 and 64GB of 5600 (I think). It was so new that the BIOS versions wouldn’t let it post so I went with 4800. No issue since.