Give PC users the option to roll back to previous updates

I’ve spent about 4-6 hours every night troubleshooting on this forum, trying different “solutions” and trying to complete a single flight since SU5 and I’m getting CTD every single flight. SU4 was completely stable for me, zero issues, the game was stunning and never crashed once.

Please give us PC users the option to roll back updates to a previous more stable version.

There’s no way they can do that and allow you to play online with others, it’s all in or offline.

The code just cant have two or more clients connecting and interacting.

Edit: Incidentally I was forced to make some changes to insure increased stability with the added CPU load and temperature spikes.

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NoWay, Stop these foolish comments

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Please refer to this authoritative response from Working Title, who has been hired by Asobo to address various parts of the sim.