Give the developers a break

As with all technology development, developers can take a break when the job is done - right now it isn’t so back to work!!

Also, small observation. Where on the bug list did it say clouds were under saturated, too dark and too 3D? I don’t remember seeing that on the feedback wish list.

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I am sorry, but when you refer to people having issues with SU5 as “cry babies” then you must expect to provoke some kind of reaction?


Ah weird, wonder why you have no tag after your name?

No tags for regular beta tests.
Only alpha and VR Beta (which I wasn’t part of) have them.

Ahh makes sense.

At least for the “too dark” part there were quite some threads, here are examples:

Take it however you want. I don’t really care. I’m entitled to an opinion. I’ve been FS user since the mid 1980s.

No it isn’t. He merely understands how sims work and obviously has been there in the past when the other sims were under construction. Most people here have no idea what it was like back then, and judging by the complete meltdowns of some people, over a cloud detail, those individuals would have been hospitalized going from Xplane 9 to 11 or from P3D v1 to v4. Msfs2020 is changing incredibly rapidly, compared. The main problem is that most don’t understand the challenges involved when developing a sim.

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I’m not mad at the developers; I’m mad at whichever manager keeps their development schedule so bad! Long update cycle creates huge integration problems at the major update points, and then they test it but put the small number of testers under NDA, then ship without fixing most of the problems reported.

That’s management, not devs. Be mad at managers.

They should follow standard industry practice instead:

  • continuous integration
  • frequent small releases
  • opt-in public beta channel like Windows Insiders

Try HDR oh hang on that doesn’t work properly either ………

HDR works perfectly for me. What problem are you having?

Note that since SU4 times, it doesn’t always pick up the monitor’s peak brightness correctly. I find that if things are “too bright” in the sim, I just pop over to Windows Settings and cycle HDR off and back on and it’s perfect.


Thanks for the tip , I will try that thanks

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Good tip, but HDR doesn’t work perfectly does it?

Perfectly would mean not having to go into the Windows settings to switch HDR off and back on again.

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Obviously, I’d prefer not to have to do that, but once done there are no other problems.

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Sorry, I was being a pedant.

It’s been one of those days :joy:

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I hear ya. :wink:

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Good point, it’s like FSX all over again , but will give it a go later
Thanks all

They have basically given us a 10 year warranty.

Being a software developer myself, being the closest thing to a real Microsoft Direct3D employee here, I can tell you: They have no excuse. This was a mandatory update that was not thoroughly tested. The engine has been written, these kind of updates that go through DIRECTINPUT 8 do not function correctly in this patch. I’m resinstalling MSFS right now simply because I can’t fly a single plane properly.

All this anger? All this frustration? It’s not the community’s fault. It’s the people who imposed a non-tested alpha update on hundreds of thousands of people.

Let’s just be for real. You don’t have to be apologists for these people, exercise your 1st amendment and advocate for what is right. This was not “right”. Not at all.


Is that from the lemon dealership? :joy::joy: