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I don’t know if it only me that have this probleme but every update. every time is the da… Asobo-flight-tutorials-etc that get stuck. it will be great to be able to say no to install tutorial. And I have another thing i would like to know? does flight simulator have all file on the drive or it have some file that are in the cloud because everytime i delete the da… file on my Hd and I rebout and restart the flight sim to finiish install. the da… file are back.
I will prefer to dowload 1tb to have everything on my Hd

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Part of it is local on your PC, while various other things are maintained in and processed and streamed from the cloud.

You cannot get the choice you mention in the title; the hardware required to run all that locally on your machine is still within the realm of exascale/datacenter server infrastructure applications, hence mostly out of reach for desktop use.

It would be somewhere around ~7.000TB give or take.
But no HDD/SSD technology the likes of SATA or NVME would suffice, as I mentioned above regarding the hardware…

If you decide to go for it one day or tomorrow or today - you’d need to start by looking towards something like RiserNVMe RAID based high-storage powered by a few of those nVidia BlueField data processing units (DPU cards) in the mainframe machine (~$2.500 but worth it)…cuz we need decent AI-enabled storage and processing.

For the interconnect, like, nothing fancy - for you alone prolly the cheapest model like nVidia Spectrum-3 for just $27.000 would be just fine…

…and of course together with the cables and the transceiver, again simplest cheapest for the BlueField P-type (just $3.615)…and for a simple setup the default AOC 56GB/s cable with QSFP connector rocks (you get 3m for a total joke price of $850).

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