Give us the option to Hide Addons in the Marketplace

The marketplace grows from week to week. And there are yet a bunch of addons i know for sure i will never buy at all (no hate to low budget planes with a high price tag).

So it would be awesome to be able to just hide addons we are not interested in.

With how many options there is for buying addons it would be good if there was a way in the marketplace to either mark items as owned or hide them. This would make the marketplace less cluttered and avoid potential confusion.

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I agree. I currently mark the “heart” so I know I bought it somewhere else already.

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Feedback and Opinion:

Now, more than ever, I would really appreciate the option to ignore specific developers from the list of creators that I see in the Marketplace Storefront.

Recent developments of a 3rd party addon developer appear, at least to me, to be an attempt to attack and disrupt the developing credibility of the MSFS platform. Releasing a product into the pay-ware market that is only a reskin of an existing default aircraft severely degrades one’s impression of the MSFS platform (again, at least to me if had I purchased it). It’s like all the hostile forum posters pleaded for this developer to give them a solid reason to justify their extreme judgement of the MSFS platform at this early stage in it’s development.

There is already one aircraft developer in the Marketplace that has made it very highly suggested (almost a requirement) to withhold from purchases until extensive research has been done watching reviews on YouTube or other websites regarding a specific addon. Developer descriptions on the product pages within the Marketplace have been made irrelevant (by one developer/creator), and has destroyed the credibility of other developers (unfamiliar to me prior to MSFS) that I might want to purchase addons from.

The “established” developer, not yet in the Marketplace, has released a product that appears to target the uninformed consumer. They also appear to possibly have a license agreement that attempts to control the ownership and distribution of liveries that ultimately promote the use and desire to own their product - at no cost to the developer.

The backfired guerrilla marketing tactics of this developer seem executed out of desperation, in order to achieve a questionable objective. A MIcrosoft/Asobo partnership with this developer in the Marketplace would seem to be an unnecessary vulnerability to the MSFS platform, in my view and opinion. At the very least, I would like the option to ignore/hide this developer from the Marketplace Storefront. Conversely, it would be great to have a favorites list that I could add a creator to. The creators list is getting quite long. There are a few developers that I will probably buy everything they offer in the Marketplace.


Well said.

You mean the CaptainSim debacle I presume?

May as well call them out so no-one is in the dark.


The marketplace is an absolute mess anyway. Id rather ignore „MSFSScenerybuilder“ as they spam the store with their crapsceneries that would be a mediocre freeware at best…

Until the Marketplace is fixed, i just ignore the whole marketplace instead :man_shrugging:t4:


worse, they seem to have stolen these community liveries from website to their.

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Captain Sim isn’t the only group, but hell yes, absolutely.


My guess is that this will become very common especially with the expansion of the player base when we merge with Xbox.

Lots of new players, fresh, untapped revenue stream. It is going to be a very tempting for developers to simply re-skin existing flight and systems models to make a quick buck.


I haven’t looked at the Marketplace in weeks.

In the beginning I thought it would be agood place to buy stuff. Have it all in the sim in one place and so on.

But there is a terrible review system where you cannot even comment the stuff and the star ratings disappear all the time.

You cannot give zero stars, so it really is only a four star rating system.

And a lot of utter â– â– â– â–  is sold there. I was one of the idiots that bought the Kitfox, shame on me.

You cannt even refund things you buy there if they are not working.

There are no mandatory information that sellers must provide for their products.

So I stick to freeware and outside shops for the future. is my marketplace. I read comments. I test stuff, if I like it and use it I donate to the maker. That’s the way.


The Marketplace is for all intents and purposes just Micosoft’s own version of Simmarket. I’d even go so far as to suggest that MS couldn’t care less how good addons are in the same way Simmarket don’t, as long as they bring in their cut revenue.

Just looking at the names of some of the scenery and aircraft developers already on there speaks for itself.


Both companies will care when it affects the money, and/or if affects the public perception of their respective companies.

They won’t care while we don’t care. The best way to change behaviour is to mobilise the community in a constructive, and unified way to call for change. Look how CS reacted to the backlash, albeit it briefly. If MS/Asobo see their companies being cast in a negative light in the press, websites, social media, and the like, while believing that this will affect their revenue stream only then will you see some movement.

You have to go for the money, as at the end of the day that is all that matters.

Just a simple thing to remember, nerver buy an addon for an unstable plateform. Wait some month of years before doing it. And better, buy directly from dev store if possible, so no huge MS commission and all money to the creator (if he deserves).

I would’ve hoped the marketplace was a better place than simmarket in that only legit, customer-caring sellers would operate.

I used to have this mindset as well. Over the past few decades, the business model for each release of Flight Simulator was like every other game: It was released, it was updated for a period of time, and then the updates and support were terminated in favor of the next revenue generating product. There was no financial incentive for Microsoft to continue to update and support a product that doesn’t provide any revenue.

Flight Simulator has always had an inherent longevity that separates it from being just a game. It is the passion and desire of the flight simulation community that demands continued development and support. 3rd Party developers have always kept Flight Simulator alive, long after Microsoft support had been terminated.

MSFS 2020 is the first release of the platform that has the capability to generate revenue for the Microsoft/Asobo team via the Marketplace. So far, 3rd party developers appear to be planning on releasing their addons through the Marketplace. The split revenue from products sold through the Marketplace has the potential provide a means for Microsoft/Asobo to justify and plan for long term support of the MSFS platform. This is something the community could never count on with previous releases. It is highly unlikely that Microsoft/Asobo would commit to long term partnerships and plan for long term development with a product that only generates revenue once per customer.

Today’s society typically wants everything for free. People want continued quality support from a publisher for games they purchased once. Long term development and support can’t be justified if a product doesn’t generate revenue for a budget. I’ve chosen to purchase my addons through the Marketplace, and I’ve accepted that I will have to tolerate the release delays.

I want Microsoft/Asobo to have a continuous revenue stream that can justify their budget, allow them to plan for long term support of the MSFS platform, and have some confidence in their continued existence as a Microsoft/Asobo team. At the same time, I also want to support 3rd party developers that are credible, have ethical business practices, and that continue to release products that drive the development of the platform. The Marketplace is the only vehicle that will allow me to support both Microsoft/Asobo as well as 3rd party developers with each purchase.


Even CaptainSim?


I also hoped the Marketplace was a controlled storefront. However, I can’t fault Microsoft/Asobo. Every transaction is ultimately the consumer’s responsibility and choice. Researching YouTube reviews and looking for forum warnings are critical in making informed purchasing decisions on Marketplace addons.

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“credible” and “have ethical business practices”

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Absolutely - which brings us back to the original post, the need for an option!