Give us the option to roll back patches

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Hello everyone!

I was excited with this simulator until the latest 2 patches. 1.8.3 and 1.9.3.
Both updates were buggy and create serious problems that make the sim almost unplayable.
I keep my sim closed for a week now.

So, I would appreciate the ability to choose if I want to make an update or not. I would like the ability to postpone the update or to totally refuse it. It is very annoying that a game forces me to make the update, to download a large amount of data before I can fly again and finally gives me a faulty product!!! Yes, it is very very annoying!

Furthermore, I want to have the ability to make a rollback. I am not satisfied with this version. I want to fly with a previous version. I want to have that option because I purchased for a playable “game”.
In my Windows 10 OS I have that option and helped me a lot in many situations.

I understand that your efforts are great and thank you for that great product! But I hope the WOW face I had at the beginning will return soon!


With the greatest of respect I cannot see either of your two suggestions happening.

Whilst I sympathise with anybody having a bad update (might happen to me sometime too) I think we all need to be on the same updated version. If it was an offline sim then maybe yes but an online sim, no.

Having said that, I may be regretting saying this a few months down the line. Please don’t quote me then !



Euro Truck Simulator has a nice option to revert and stick to (!) to a previous version of the current main build in order to keep specific DLC (freeware, payware) working (so you don’t have to wait for yet another hotfix after every update) or to keep playing with a version that does not have some new function you don’t really need at this moment.

I think everyone would LOVE to see a similar option for MSFS…!

I’d like to sit and wait to see how an update works for others before I update because I like to actually use the sim instead of troubleshooting it… So PLEASE add a similar option to MSFS! Not everyone wants/likes/needs to be up to date all the time!

I agree…personally, I’d revert back to the RTM version, ( RTM)bugs n’ all. At least the water and terrain looked like the teaser shots…and as for bugs…still swatting 4 patches in…so…so much for that!


I definitely voted yes, wanna roll back to the perfect…

Absolutely agree with OP’s suggestion. I haven’t had a single issue with the updates until the latest one. The latest update has completely ruined the experience for me, and the option to rollback to the previous patch would be the answer until they release a new patch.


Totally unacceptable ! at this point I would really like to reverse to the previous patch cause ! it used to take me less than 3 hours to redownload the sim. now it took me 14 hours ! what in sweet mother EARTH is happening ! even COD WARZONE, a PROPERLY WORKING GAME took less time that this !

Either The devs have KAKA in their heads or this sim is really not something they are capable to properly develop/handle !

I’d say, Asobo you’re good at visuals, partner up with someone that knows their aviation stuff and make sure your product is actually worth the $150 you billing us ! btw xplane was $60 and it was actually UP to EXPECTATION upon release, this means NO AUTOPILOT ISSUE, NO WEATHER ISSUE, NO FPS ISSUE, NO BASIC GROUND LIGHTING ISSUE !

At this point , even real life pilots are recommending to not use your product ! Seriously you need to upper your game !

Currently your sim is worth as much as GTA VICE CITY ! $30 buck max !

Fix it now !

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i personally believe without a rollback option Asobo is under pressure to fix things with a next patch. Always move forward, never go back! This will force them to learn how to get their QA right and will help in the long run, even though more painful right now.

i think they should consider have a smaller group to release a new patch too and if it looks good release it to everyone.


They’re actually planning on doing that in the future. See the last Developer Q&A:

Edit: Depending on where you click on that video preview, it doesn’t necessarily drop you in the right place. So go to 35:32 if you end up at the beginning.

I can’t say I’m satisfied with the latest patch (1.10) I’m not entirely sure why patches have to be mandatory but I think it would be really nice to have a patch rollback option until more bugs and issues get smoothed out. I know Asobo is doing the best they can and are listening to the community.

For instance I liked the previous patch more than this one for several reasons. The latest patch makes it harder for me to be excited to keep playing ms2020. If I had a roll back option, I would just revert back to the one that suits me best and try again until the next patch is released.

I know It may not be possible that all bugs will eventually get fixed. But I feel this would help keep the ms2020 community intact. I feel that more simmers are more frustrated than before. Many of us felt it was better with previous versions for different reasons.

Maybe if Asobo can make the rollback option happen, it will alleviate some of the pressure to keep cranking out patch updates and they can take more time to smooth out bugs before the next announced update.

Just a thought.

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Hello everybody. As I write this wish, the Patch #5 topic has 831 replies. User complain that with FS2020 they have more crash to desktop (CTD), or control input devices that worked do no longer work and so on.
Therefore Asobo/Microsoft here is the wish: Add a “install previous version” button, please. The function SHALL allow:
If version is the current version, the user can install the previous version The simulator SHALL stay with this user choice UNTIL the user decides to install the current version. The simulator version numbers are examples. In general the user SHALL have the possibility to select between the current (latest) version and the previous version, that is a “install current version” button is needed, too.
Comment: Sorry for you Asobo/Microsoft that you NOW have to provide two versions to the users. But I think this is the best way to handle the disappointment that the patch provided.

They’ll soon be doing wider testing of the patches before pushing them out. I think by patch 9 they’ll have that system in place. Really though, if some problems are fringe cases that hardly anyone experiences then it takes a larger user base to get good feedback about the bug.

As to you staying at the previous version? Hmmm. Being an online sim that might not be possible unless you disable multiplayer. I’m not a coder though so maybe it would be possible. Any game I’ve ever played on Steam gave me the option of updating it or, if the update was a big one, playing it as is and updating sometime later. So it would be nice to have that option. Hopefully it’s doable.

Having two versions around, the “stable” one and the “cutting edge” one is doable, because other developer do it.
But it is more work for Asobo/Microsoft, I agree. And this is the disadvantage of selling beta version software for full price: You have only different versions of “bleeding edge” software. The paying users are not happy with all this “cut my finger”.
You can be right: patch #9 is the first stable version of the software.

I agree a rollback or a beta test before release.


at least give us the option to roll back to the previous version!!! (originally all caps)

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I finally had the latest Updates installed, only to now find I cannot get to enjoy a flight, because now these updates has caused my hardware setup from before, to be ignored on FS2020 launch, ie Logitech switch panel etc.
I can’t get the Mouse to interact with cockpit correctly to finally when I get the engine stated I get a CTD after a minute.
Any way to get back to where the software was stable.
A PC based version that will work to another for XBox if that’s the way to go forward?

Tired of all these updates ruining my system in Win10,But then again after all it’s only a game and not a true simulator,Microsoft and Asobo should be ashamed of themselves calling this a simulator,if it were so,then they should never release this product until they have completely checked it’s correct funcionality.