Give us the option to roll back patches

Please give us the option to delete this patch or at least roll back to the previous version. Patch 3 has broken more things than it has fixed as far as I am concerned and the sim is a total mess now.

This is not a rant or something, but the new patch has broken my simulator (constant ctp), and i wish there was a way to uninstall the patch and use the previous version
till the issues are fixed, even if then some online features would not work with my version.

won’t happen, i’m sure.

  • every branch does more work and eats up time
  • this game is “supposed” to be a multi player game, so there are servers the get updated, too
  • so in turn, there would be a need to care about two different infrastructures which just costs money but does nothing good in the end

the game needs to move forward, should in no way stand still and should never even move backwards. no matter how many new bugs become introduced.

If some pepole want or have to use an older version, that wouldnt mean the game would stand still. I bet the basic functionality of the client would work without any server infrastructure. mabye even bing maps data would work (the bing-maps app on my hopeless outdated lumia phone works flavless after all this years without any clientside update)

At this point, the sim stands still because it dosent work at all since the patch, and who knows for how long.

i feel bad for you, i do.
i just don’t think that they (asobo) will ever implement a feature like this. maybe they’ll recruit a dozen of people from here and let them test out later patches beforehand on a voluntary basis but aside from that, no. it won’t happen from a “it professional” perspective.

the game is not that broken because many people, apart from those having the same or even new problems, report even positive results. me too moment, here. it’s working pretty okayish here.

I think your right.
Things have changed, in fsx times i had the choice if i want to install an update

I would love that these patches weren’t mandatory. Latest patches are promising to fix 20ish things, but really improve 5, make 50 worse, and render all mods unusable.

Or… Add a beta version players can enable before releasing a patch


would be nice to test patches to see how they look and feel but be able to roll back if it’s not working for you as all of us are experiencing different issues, I for one preferred non pixelated clouds which are now horrendous for me along with others of course.

There are already voting threads on this.

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Hi everyone,

I have removed the reference to a specific patch from the title and made it reference patches in general, that should increase the longevity of this topic.

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Hello everyone!

I was excited with this simulator until the latest 2 patches. 1.8.3 and 1.9.3.
Both updates were buggy and create serious problems that make the sim almost unplayable.
I keep my sim closed for a week now.

So, I would appreciate the ability to choose if I want to make an update or not. I would like the ability to postpone the update or to totally refuse it. It is very annoying that a game forces me to make the update, to download a large amount of data before I can fly again and finally gives me a faulty product!!! Yes, it is very very annoying!

Furthermore, I want to have the ability to make a rollback. I am not satisfied with this version. I want to fly with a previous version. I want to have that option because I purchased for a playable “game”.
In my Windows 10 OS I have that option and helped me a lot in many situations.

I understand that your efforts are great and thank you for that great product! But I hope the WOW face I had at the beginning will return soon!


With the greatest of respect I cannot see either of your two suggestions happening.

Whilst I sympathise with anybody having a bad update (might happen to me sometime too) I think we all need to be on the same updated version. If it was an offline sim then maybe yes but an online sim, no.

Having said that, I may be regretting saying this a few months down the line. Please don’t quote me then !



Euro Truck Simulator has a nice option to revert and stick to (!) to a previous version of the current main build in order to keep specific DLC (freeware, payware) working (so you don’t have to wait for yet another hotfix after every update) or to keep playing with a version that does not have some new function you don’t really need at this moment.

I think everyone would LOVE to see a similar option for MSFS…!

I’d like to sit and wait to see how an update works for others before I update because I like to actually use the sim instead of troubleshooting it… So PLEASE add a similar option to MSFS! Not everyone wants/likes/needs to be up to date all the time!

I agree…personally, I’d revert back to the RTM version, ( RTM)bugs n’ all. At least the water and terrain looked like the teaser shots…and as for bugs…still swatting 4 patches in…so…so much for that!


I definitely voted yes, wanna roll back to the perfect…

Absolutely agree with OP’s suggestion. I haven’t had a single issue with the updates until the latest one. The latest update has completely ruined the experience for me, and the option to rollback to the previous patch would be the answer until they release a new patch.


Totally unacceptable ! at this point I would really like to reverse to the previous patch cause ! it used to take me less than 3 hours to redownload the sim. now it took me 14 hours ! what in sweet mother EARTH is happening ! even COD WARZONE, a PROPERLY WORKING GAME took less time that this !

Either The devs have KAKA in their heads or this sim is really not something they are capable to properly develop/handle !

I’d say, Asobo you’re good at visuals, partner up with someone that knows their aviation stuff and make sure your product is actually worth the $150 you billing us ! btw xplane was $60 and it was actually UP to EXPECTATION upon release, this means NO AUTOPILOT ISSUE, NO WEATHER ISSUE, NO FPS ISSUE, NO BASIC GROUND LIGHTING ISSUE !

At this point , even real life pilots are recommending to not use your product ! Seriously you need to upper your game !

Currently your sim is worth as much as GTA VICE CITY ! $30 buck max !

Fix it now !

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i personally believe without a rollback option Asobo is under pressure to fix things with a next patch. Always move forward, never go back! This will force them to learn how to get their QA right and will help in the long run, even though more painful right now.

i think they should consider have a smaller group to release a new patch too and if it looks good release it to everyone.