Give us trial mode of marketplace products

Just what the title says, really. The reason I suggest this is because ever since SU7, many 3rd party airports have been crashing for me (and others) on the Xbox Series X. This means that a lot of money spent on addons has technically gone to waste, because many 3rd party airports no longer work without a CTD. This wasn’t the case before SU7.

So I ask for the possibility to trial or have a demo of different 3rd party addons, to see if they are COMPATIBLE and whether the Xbox Series X/S can run them, before buying them. Because of the sophisticated design of the marketplace, I believe this is very possible to do. A timed trial may be a simple thing to implement.

I think this is the best option for now. Without a proper separate section for Xbox issues, who knows how long it’ll take to fix certain performance/crashing issues.

Because without the trial mode and with the current of the sim on the Xbox, I won’t be investing in any 3rd party addons unless I have a guarantee that they will work. So there it is, I rest my case.


What they need to do is a better testing of the content before it gets published.


Hi all! There is wish on this in #self-service:wishlist

The wishlist is used for requesting features in MSFS by community voting.