Giving up for now

After too many hours spent getting this thing to work I am giving up for now till I can afford a new system.
System specs are a little dated but only have problems with Microsoft Flight Sim 2020. Running Windows Pro edition, Intel i-5 6600k running at 3.5, 16 gig DDR3 and Nvidia GTX1060 6gb.

Game starts out ok with 35 to 40fps then after a couple of minutes cycles between 2 to 30 fps making it useless to try and fly. I have set everything to low turned off airplanes , cars boats ect. done all the recommended settings to no real avail. Will be going back to X-Plane 11 which runs with no problems.

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have you tried a nvidia driver reinstall or roll back? I would suggest that if you havent tried it. Clean install.

I have the exact same cpu and gpu only difference i have 32 gig rams. I cant quite get it to ultra, but it sure run nice on high.

Make sure to have your drivers updated, especially graphics drivers.

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OP, are you using Windows 64 bit?
Are you using an SSD?

I have the nearly the same system and had the same problem. This is the fix