GKS Mig-21Bis

Pilons power switches should be turned on

I also keep having a glitch where reverse thrust keeps coming on when I’m trying to take off

Just picked up the MiG based on a recommendation from a FB group LOVE the interior / exterior. Can’t wait to fly it later today!

I have been waiting for this quite frankly but I want to wait until you release the version with displayed weapons. Do you have an estimated time for the release on 3rd party sites? Furthermore, I purchased for P3D, is there any discount for previous customers? Thank you.

Here is my first impression video in german language -

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Mind giving us TLDW in english?

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TLTW - I like it very much, but I have grown up with these migs and it is a lot of nostalgia for me. Some Facts - Textures are high res, but it seems no decal technique is use. You can read everything tough. Sound is very good for my ears, but it seems there is no change in engine loudness, when opening canopy (but that can be due to my sound system.
If it is woth the price? That everybody has to decide for himself, there is no way in really measuring a price. But the developer seems to be from the ukrainia, so I personally wouldn´t even mind paying a high price.


Final thoughts.
No way it’s worth $40 maybe half that if the issues weren’t there. After burner effect is a joke.
Textures are way to glossy and the sound is the worst. Sounds like a hand held Dustbuster vacuum from the 90’s. It’s beyond quiet no rumble sounds. Nothing like a real military fighter.
Epic fail. MSFS market place really need to add in some kind of return policy for overpriced junk like this.

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You act as if this is the final version and won’t be developed.

Developer is Ukrainian, so I am more than happy to support them. MiG-21 bis is some Cold War goodness!


That’s a bit harsh. It’s not perfect but it’s rather decent. I’d agree the sounds are a bit lacking but there’s quite a few developers who are struggling so that’s more of a devkit issue. Overall it’s a good looking mig 21 and flies pretty decently too.


What did you think of the flight model, especially when compared to DCS?

That is something a cannot judge.

Some Night Lighting Pics -

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btw sustained negative g engine faliure implemented


I will be purchasing this later, as I am very familiar with the Romanian AF LanceR. Although not the upgraded avionics version on the marketplace, can I use an Xbox controller on PC? Thanks.

Quick question, what is this warning light for? I couldn’t find anything in the manual about it

Wings drop fuel tanks are empty.

That means you can drop it and decrease drag force


From what I’ve seen of it, it’s better than a lot of stuff out there. Especially the horrible three that should not be named…
It’s pricey, I agree, but everyone can decide for himself if it’s worth the money. Especially since a few improvements are supposed to be still up the road. And though I’m also becoming a little aggravated by devs who keep bringing WIP products for retail prices, I would give the benefit of the doubt.

So ‘Epic Fail’ and ‘junk’ is just rude and deliberately hurtful. And totally uncalled for.

Also: you actually CAN get a refund from the marketplace. So that might be the best solution in your case.


It’ll be released to other vendors that allow weapons in the near future.

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