GKS Mig-21Bis

The reverse issue is a known MSFS issue with any single engine jet if you have the axis mapped to the all encompassing “throttle axis” identifier. Instead, for something like this and other singles, map your throttle axis to “throttle 1 axis” to avoid the issue.

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This should be taken care of by the developer, not me.
I, too, bought this plane and I really regret the purchase.
Not only do the developers know nothing about decals, there’s also the problem with the throttle. You can read the post on the HUD about the beta version. The developers didn’t even see fit to adapt the manual from Prepar3D, instead they offer to download it separately.
I am also a Ukrainian, and I am ashamed that my countrymen released frankly crude product for such money. So I gave the airplane the only star it deserved in the marketplace.

I mean you can go ahead and buy something that is inherently worse, with less functionality, for more money. I guess my post is useless after all. I mean, it’s not like literally every single parameter of this purchase is apparently worse than its DCS equivalent.

I’ve got the MiG-21 now, and a few thoughts:

  1. Yes, there are things that need to be corrected. This wasn’t announced as a “one and done” kinda thing though. I don’t know the GKS studio yet, but I would hope that they continue development / patching for the MSFS verion.

  2. Grab the manual from here. Was it created for P3D? Yeah. There’s good info in there on the cockpit layout, switches, etc. (LOL it has a proper amount of switches being a Cold War era plane!) I would like to see the addition of an operations section though - some checklists, startup, shutdown, etc.

  3. Is it fun? Yeah! I have to start on the runway because I have no idea of how to start it yet, but you can haul around with your hair on fire. :slight_smile:

  4. Is it took expensive? :man_shrugging: I bought it. I sincerely hope that my funds will help GKS improve upon the MiG-21 and encourage them to continue to develop for MSFS.

(edit) 5. RTFM. …and don’t be a jerk.


Good evening, we are also from Ukraine!

Thanks for your feedback.

We are very sorry that you had such a terrible experience with that purchase.

Sorry for the lack of a manual, we promise to post an updated version by Monday.
But we are very sorry that we have to disappoint you - the manual will be only in English

We are very sorry that we forgot to remove the inscription beta test.
We will remove it at the first update.

As for the throttle control on the joystick, we did not encounter such a problem either in internal testing or in product testing at Microsoft
Also did not receive complaints from users who reviewed the product after the release

Perhaps the problem is in the correct use of the joystick.

Thank you for giving us such a high rating.
In this difficult hour, Ukrainians must support each other and we are grateful to you.

As for the high price, don’t worry, we send all the money left after bank transfers to the purchase of reconnaissance drones for the UA Armed Forces in which one of our developers serves now.

But you can refound by contacting Microsoft Market Place support

Happiness to you!

Best regards
GKS dev team


LOL. This is a known problem, but you didn’t know it. Read this:

It’s funny to read that you can somehow misuse the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, which itself is very simple.

Ok, we have this mapping and hav no any issues


So now you are advising me a solution from my own link? I’m speechless. Because I was hoping that you would pay attention to changing the xml file.

I will not change the settings for the sake of one plane, as it may cause problems with other fully working planes. The reason I gave you that link is because you are trying to justify yourself and make a fool of someone else.

I am not interested in buying this mig 21 , I have the one in dcs.
But its astonishing that on every fighter jet that get released for msfs , people just troll by saying get dcs it’s better , I think to this point every person interested in flight siming know what dcs is, and if they seek fidelity they already own it and enjoy both dcs and msfs.
SO in all fairness your post is useless except for people that dont know about the existence of dcs… wich must be like 0.01% of people here x)


Dude calm tf down. If you have a throttle problem that’s on you. I have no such issues. Also extra controllers profiles are a thing and there’s plenty of aircraft with bespoke mappings. If you can’t be bothered to spend 5 minutes copying a profile and adjusting it then you shouldn’t be using this sim.


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Its pretty rude to derail and link a totally different sim platform product in a developers product thread.
No one asked about DCS, this thread is specifically about the MSFS GKS Mig 21-Bis. You DCS folks need to learn some etiquette and quit doing this in every MSFS fighter jet product thread. We aren’t here to to discuss DCS payware. Make a seperate thread if you feel that strongly.


“Yes, this bird will be available in other markets but later (community version)” Might be a stupid question, but will there be any differences with the version sold on the MSFS marketplace and the one sold on 3rd party sites, aside from having the option of adding weapons?

Do you have any estimate of when it will be released for sale outside the marketplace? That is what I am waiting for.

The DCS version is awesome but with the GKS version for MSFS you will not be sand boxed into certain maps/areas, and will be free to fly it anywhere in the world and to places like the mach loop and sidewinder low level. Plus MSFS’s visuals are outstanding.


Looks like a very well done aircraft, and a great addition to the sim. Are there any plans to bring this to the Xbox? Thank you.

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The cockpit should look pretty awesome rendered in VR’s native stereoscopic 3D😍

This looks really good, kudos to the developers. I’m a bit over-budget for addons this month already, but it’s on my to-buy list. Congrats on your debut MSFS release GKS! :ukraine:

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another 40 euros in the trash…


I have problem deploying parachute from cold and dark. Its not working. Starting on runway no problem, parachute works.
Is there any switch im missing when starting from cold and dark ?

Thanks for explaining, what’s interesting is that light comes on when the wing tanks still are about 95% full.

Why does it matter where the developer is from?