Glass cockpit on two iPads: WORKING!

This is a good tutorial. One thing to keep in mind its more or less duplicating another monitor you already have, so it just creates duplicate views. Another consideration is to add monitor HDMI emulators if you have any blank slots in your video card, then you can send all your gadgets to the monitor emulation, to then display it on the ipad.

Nice tutorial ~ I set mine up with an ipad mini and can think of several things do to with this set up.

HDMI ■■■■■ Plug,Headless Ghost, Display Emulator (Fit Headless-1920x1080@60Hz) 1Pack

Did anybody get the touchscreen functionality to work when using an iPad as additional monitor? I get to show the GTC’s of the TBM or a Longitude on the iPad but am unable to control the virtual touchscreens with an actual real life touchscreen. Something happens, some buttons light up, but no inputs possible. Outside of the sim the touchscreen works just fine. Did anybode find that issue too?

I’ve been fighting the same issue. I have a feeling that it’s not possible due to the way the widgets of the PFD and MFD were built.

It seems evident as when you open the GTC 580 controller panel, all the button and knob functions are available.


Outstanding. Thank you.


but I see nothing helpful with your video if I need sign to Youtube to see it…

No, thats actually my problem. I try to get the GTC570 or GTC580 on my iPad, but they wont respond to any touch inputs. I dont want to get the PFD or MFD on my iPad, they are no touchscreens in real life so that is totally legit

I stand corrected. While using an Android tablet, I am able to do selections using the mouse pointer on the tablet, however, this is far from optimal. We should be able to use the touchscreen. Not sure what to make of the issue.

Your statement that the …PFD or MFD are not touchscreens in real lie so that’s totally legit…

While you are correct, they (PFD&MFD) are not touchscreens, there are buttons that allow the pilot to manage the functionality (currrently on the PFD). And a couple of those buttons are critical at times, particularly Active Nav to get the glide slope on approach.

Hopefully the powers that be will recognize the value in using tablet devices to offlload the panel functionality to create the next level of realism.



Sry question,

how you have your Android connected to PC? You have it as 2-nd monitor or only screen share via TCP? If as 2-nd monitor, what steps i need to do to be lucky with this connection type? Look pls to my previous posts in this topic to understand my problem.

Totally agree with you! Just wanted to mention, that the actual screens themselves are non-touch. I Personally do not like pushing actual buttons via a touchscreen (although better this than with the mouse :D), I would rather build a little device for that with hardware buttons.
I reported the touchscreen issue to Zendesk, let’s hope they will get their hands on that.

I like physical buttons too. I preordered the Honeycomb device to try it out. AUtopilot config is just too difficult with the mouse/kbd. Worst case if it doesn’t work out, I put up on ebay. But it has to be better than fiddling with the mouse/kbd.

I only have the screen share using VNC.

I don’t think tablets can be used as monitors without a remote connection. They are designed to output video but not input video like a monitor.

Unfortunately, I think the only way we’re going to get what we want is if someone creates a set of tablet apps that represent each widget that hooks the data at the PC level via wireless or BT.

For now, I think remote desktop is going to be the only game in town. Hope I’m wrong.

NussKomet80145 reported to to Zendesk, so we’ll see what happens.


ok thnx for answer. There are exist many solutions how to connect Tablet via USB or Wifi as 2-nd monitor but that apps need money pay :slight_smile: I’m somehow careful about infos and positive posts in that apps pages…

I’ve tested absolutely all VNC apps for Android and found one that actually has a fully functional touch mode: abtoVNC Viewer.

Despite the simple GUI, it works as advertised, unlike all other apps atm. Only caveat is that it’s not free but you can test it before you buy it.

Was just testing. Yes, touchscreen does work. It’s a little slow but that’s probably my cheap $100 tabet, This is definitly a step closer however, we still have the problem as I indicated before in that, the Main Page selections on the GTC side bar are missing (PFD,MFD,NAV/COM). So main pages cannot be selected. Same on the PFD’s / MFD.

I was also having a problem getting the viewer to present the PFD in full screen. I have 2 monitors and the viewer will only display both. I don’t see a setting to change that.

Could it be that I have to purchase the app to get that functionality? the docs are vague.

But this was a great catch. Thanks for taking the time to find this.

That is what I asked you,

you need use your tablet as 2-nd monitor solution then you can via this VNC hack set it as full, you need app that do this but I’ve found many but all need pay heh

Are you using TightVNC? Make sure to create a shortcut with -controlservice -sharedisplay X

Where X is the number of the monitor you want to share (mine is 3, for example)

The viewer is displaying only the monitor I chose, out of four.

Follow campusto’s tutorial and use abtoVNC instead of VNC Viewer. I’m using a Huawei MediaPad M5 and didn’t experience any slowdowns. Quite the opposite, it’s the only app that performs relatively well here. Hope that helps!

Yes :slight_smile: but if you has only one main display?

Therefore we need connect Tablet as 2-nd display not only shared screen solution as is on this topic described, then it will work. I don’t want pay money of course…

VNC server and VNC viewer works great here, but im still consider native small 2nd display like this:

I can undock MFD in those easily without VNC.

I’ve been using a free app called Spacedesk on my spare android tablets. Turns any Android tablet/phone in to a second display for your pc. It doesn’t miss a beat.

I’ve got a 15.6" touch monitor, iPad and Android tablet. The tablets are using SpaceDesk and are wireless touch monitors. I’m running Air Manager 4 Beta (currently free during beta, but I’ll be buying once the final is released) with a DIY Knobster. This is my ALMOST mouse free setup for the steam gauge C172. At this point, the only commands I need a mouse for are setting transponder state, as there are no SimConnect variables for those commands. That seems like a terrible oversight IMHO.

But otherwise, it’s a completely mouse-free experience, which is what I was looking for.

Of course, I also have fully functional glass cockpit layouts for both the G1000 and G3000. The G1000 planes are mouse-free, as the transponder is controlled by the MFD and those commands work.

The only thing that sucks is the lack of working touch control, so I can’t use the touch screens in the TBM and Longitude. Using those planes still requires heavy use of the mouse.