Glass cockpit on two iPads: WORKING!

Hope you don’t mind but I have been “stealing” some of your ideas for my own cockpit setup…have two wimaxit monitors on the way as well as the knobster. Question running the extra monitors. Would it be better to run spacedesk on a laptop to drive the monitors, or from same pc driving the sim? Thinking in terms of " frame hit". Thanks

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There’s no frame rate hit driving the external monitors. The frame rate hit is in the sim and comes from popping out instruments, even if you only have a single monitor on your system. Once you undock them from that “container” they get grouped into, you take the big hit. It wasn’t always that way. Asobo broke that in December with the VR update. Prior, there was only a minimal performance decrease from undocking windows.

That said, I’m using a Plugable USB3 to HDMI dual monitor adapter to drive the Wimaxit monitors rather than running the monitors directly from my GPU. It makes no difference in terms of performance though, as per my first paragraph.

Ok thanks for the info…plugable usb3 to hdmi dual monitor adapter added to the list…:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:…now can use laptop for charts and graphs…:+1:

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I love this setup. I just hope Asobo can fix the performance drop and add proper touch screen support, because I have a setup for the TBM ready to go as soon as they do. I would love to properly use the touch screen as intended. Would also love to make a proper Air Manager bezel for the PMS50 GTN750 and actually use it as a touch screen.

Here’s my setup in action with the G1000 in the Bonanza.


Any experience with the app Skyelite?