Glass Ocean

Would really like to see the ocean look / behave more ocean-like with live weather!

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I reported this a while back and was told by some forum members that it depended on the wind at the ocean level and the closer I got to the ocean it would look more “normal”. I did as they suggested but was never really satisfied with the results. I was flying off Alaska and the ocean looked like a mirror. I have crewed on sailboats and never saw the ocean look like that. FWIW

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Reflection of stars also is missing.

Noticed the same thing this morning … first flight in SU6, but this issue is not new, it’s been discussed on and off almost since the second sim update. Seems that with little wind, the ocean surface will become mirror smooth in a most unnatural way. I do think that the very nice improved reflections in SU6 exasperate this.

Anyone remember when the ocean looked like this?


If the servers are struggling (as they have been) then the wind at sea level will be very light therefore flat seas, this is when using Live Weather.

FYI Yes I have seen “glass seas” before, being a paddle boarder on the south coast of England I’m often out in them when they occur!

Even at 500ft its barely a ripple though. More lake-like than an ocean! I see a few topics going back to August 2020 about this too. Just wanted to remind the devs if they are watching!

this is what it looks like for me… of course not at FL350

and yes my graphic card is not great…


Good old days. Anyone else remember when the wet runway made the lights look like this?

I wish they didn’t mess with that. Hope it gets fixed soon but I personally don’t think it will.


Live Weather isn’t exact. I get the same also. I just crank up the surface winds in the settings, so to me, it’s not really a big deal.

Wow the game looked like that at one time? Looked amazing. (I bought it in May this year).

I was watching launch trailers and early gameplay and the quality of the clouds in the early vids looks better and also the coastlines in the trailers where theres shallower water (lighter blue).

That’s pretty stunning. There’s got to be a way to do a side-by-side comparison of builds so that some of the fidelity in the shaders can be tweaked back for both xbox and PC (perhaps that’s the long-term plan with DX12?).

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Yup, then the Xbox release or maybe earlier and all the amazing graphics went :chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend:. Maybe hope DX12 will at least restore those.


Hope, I don’t expect it will ever be as nice as that though, i mean I appreciate all Asobo has done but they downgraded horribly since the initial releases as you saw in that photo taken a few weeks after release. I’m gonna try to recreate those conditions in the photo then post the side by side.


Oh I see :slightly_frowning_face:
Hope this is improved on with future updates.

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You could be onto something regarding online issue but winds and clouds were accurate, just the sea-state was like glass. Could sea-state be derived somewhat differently from other data? Today, at 5000 feet on arrival to NZAA, could see whitecaps! Surface winds were ~20kts

But on approach to NZAA, 2500ft, the ocean state looks balmy?


Winds were 20 - 23kts at surface (one good updates to weather in SU6 is winds maintaining all way to touchdown and gusting) But sea-state looks a bit less than that?

That looks like a stormy sea! Was this with live weather active?

It still does for me

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