Glider flight training "Advanced winch launch". No wheel brakes?

Hi fellow simmers,

Today, I was trying to go through the glider flight trainings since I decided to play on VR and that gives me much more accuracy for landings.

I passed the first two with ease but I can’t seem to complete the third one, the “advanced winch launch”. My issue is only when landing. I butter the landing, level the wings, speed brakes at max but my brakes won’t work.

I use a Thrustmaster rudder that has worked with pretty much every plane on the game but doesn’t seem to do anything with the glider of this tutorial. I was wondering… don’t they have wheel brakes?

Thank you!

Hello @EleXecuter,

Unlike powered aircraft where the wheel brakes are activated using toe presses on your rudder pedals, brakes on a glider function somewhat differently. You activate the wheel brakes in a glider by fully deploying your spoilers/speed brakes.

Hope that helps!



Thank you so much! I must have missed that during the training flights :slight_smile:

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I haven’t been able to take off in any of the glider tutorials. What’s up? I thought I was suppose to hit num zero and Enter to begin, but not so…

Move the rudder!

I have the same problem, nothing happens. On youtube, there is a person holding the plane straight and waving to the tow plane, my plane just lays dead on one wingtip

Tried that…no joy