Glider, sailplane, soaring, please! [Feature Requests]

In case anyone missed it - I found out that by setting extreme weather conditions - like temp >50DegC, cloud layer from around 1000m to 18000m MSFS2020 indeed have reasonable thermals (average clib rates around 1.5-4m/s) under towering clouds! It is not a random convection - those thermals really are only under the clouds. This is very impressive as for a long time I thought that those clouds are only pretty visuals unrelated to weather - this proves otherwise. I made two races you can use to test it RACE-THERMAL-78-EPPR - Touching Cloud and free flight RACE-THERMAL-104-EPKZ - Touching Cloud - you can use “Race files for manual installation” to download flight plan and weather file or use Albatross software to try it yourself. I made around 10 cross country thermals flights with it, I am long-time RL glider pilot and software dev so I know what I am talking about :wink: It really gives high hopes for realistic gliding in MSFS when Asobo will stop artificially reducing updraft/downdraft strength.


I have an acute problem with the DG808. After about 5 to 10 minutes of flight time, the machine tilts over one wing. It no longer reacts to the elevator, but also does not speed up in a dive. It is no longer possible to save the machine on this dive, because it does not react to the elevator. When I switch to the outside view, I see that the elevator reacts. I am clearly above stall speed. But even with a stall, the machine must stabilize again. Something is very wrong with the flight model. I also checked the center of gravity and reset the values to default. No change. I can’t fly the DG808 for 10 minutes without it being stuck in the ground. I have real flying experience in an ASK21 and DG500. Does anyone have an idea? Possibly it is also a SIM problem that lies outside the DG808.


I have experienced this unrecoverable snap stall too but am not a real pilot. Someone else has also reported this in the Touching Cloud Discord channel for this sailplane.

Thanks for the hint. I posted my problem also on the discord. Will keep an eye to see if anyone responds.

this topic is not about DG so let’s continue discussion in Discord. thanks.

Thought I would share the latest from Got Friends:


Me want now!!!

Looks wonderfull.Really look forward to this great glider.


This is a very long topic.
But I’m quite disapointed that noone mentionned flutter.

Is this kind of effect currently modeled in the sim?

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I tried a 650km Touching Cloud gliding race in the Swiss and Austrian Alps few days ago.

It was an awesome 3 hours flight!

Towing and start of the race here (video in french): C208 towing of a DG-808S, first slopes and thermals - Twitch

I can’t wait MSFS officially integrates gliding. It is already very nice and relaxing.


no, only if with some custom code

Yikes! It’s scary enough when it happens in Condor 2 (can I say that here) :wink: but in real life? No thanks!

I’ve not encountered it in any PC sim other than said soaring sim mentioned above.

Aeroelasticity is a branch of physics studying concepts which are very important to model phenomenon such as fluttering but also buffeting.

This kind of problems, unfortunately, doesn’t only occurs in Condor Soaring!

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Thanks for the link @scls19fr . It’s fascinating stuff and yes, definitely to be avoided irl!

I think an important feature to have for gliders competitions is the ability of generating an IGC file

See IGC (file format) - Wikipedia for a quite complete description description (sorry french language only on Wikipedia)

With such a file output, it could be possible to have scoring of gliders competition using the same workflow than what is done IRL.

ALBATROSS generate GPX file which stored on the server and public available for competitors (track symbol near result). Program still in development so we are not focusing on serious competitions yet, maybe in near future additional track formats will be added.

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IGC file contains not only track record (using B records) but also declaration of a task by competitor (C records)

More information can be found at TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FOR IGC-APPROVED GNSS FLIGHT RECORDERS or on FAI GLIDING COMMISSION (IGC) page Free software for IGC-approved GNSS flight recorders | World Air Sports Federation

Hope that can help!

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Discus-2c Glider » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Released :grinning: Happy New Year to the all :pray:

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So far seems to be working quite nicely. :+1: :grinning:


Someone said that “gliding is a sport for meteorologists” - I couldn’t agree more - RL pilots spend a lot of time (sometimes too much) studying weather forecasts and its change in time before deciding on a cross country flight. It is in fact deciding part of good XC flight.

I think that for having realistic gliders in MSFS2020 80% work is realistically modeled weather and the 20% is all the other stuff like physics and flight model which we seem to already have at decent level (well some edge cases seem to be incorrectly modelled like stall shakes, flutter, slow speed flying - but hard to determine without an official glider).

I know the other item about thermals “thermals-up-downdrafts-realism-update-remove-limitations”, and am aware that updrafts are artificially limited - but there is so much more to realism than only updraft strength. Where are the updrafts, downdrafts, more clouds etc come from large scale weather situation - you cannot realistically generate soaring weather with some simple control panel as we now have!

Even after adding way more parameters to the current weather settings it won’t allow us to generate realistic dynamic weather varied in space and time - how to specify movement and evolution of baric situation/inversion height/humidity change that affects the evolution of large-scale weather? And then visualize it to be able to realistically plan a cross country flight?

So in my opinion the best source of dynamic weather data would be a weather prediction engine like rasp blipmaps - (example that I use in RL flying:
Those forecasts are calculated from real world data sources to predict real weather so the realism of such generated weather is as real as you can currently get. And those tools are made to provide weather info for gliders so just what we need. Some of them seem to be open-source.

As a bonus people could use the same weather services as they would use in RL flying to plan their XC flight and at the same time learn to correctly interpret/verify weather maps provided by such services.

Some clarifications:

  • We don’t need real time data(!), this data can be gathered and computed offline for historic days and user/competition organiser could choose from some (probably automatically) selected as interesting historic weathers.
  • Having this data computed offline/asynchronously means that the weather information can be computed as slowly/as precisely as is needed for proper level of detail needed for sim (unlike it seems now - in just a few seconds before flight), and once computed could be reused many times and also shared.
  • Weather could be prepared by some external/standalone tool locally from rasp data or in the cloud (no pun intended).

If there will be no weather API (as rejected in other topic) there is no possibility for 3rd party devs to make it possble, so the only hope is MSFS itself.