Glider, sailplane, soaring, please!

Wind without gusts!
Smooth and peaceful ridge soaring ![:slightly_smiling_face:|16x16]

Just create a weather preset file with wind and no gusts … how hard can that be?

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is it pssible for someone here to make a thermal mod??

It’s easier than I thought…just go into the custom menu and delete the gust speed - don’t put a zero, that gets changed back to 50 , but empty is apparently OK and in the sim there are no gusts!

Snowdonia Sunrise
Two more videos 20 Kts, no gusts, lovely scenery :slight_smile:

A quick video on youtube showing how to stop the gusts and it’s impact


The WebAssembly solution is not only for porting old C++ code. First, WebAssembly is a very modern programming language backend. Different front ends are possible, C++ is one, Rust is another.
More important in my opinion is the WebAssembly support by the library and runtime. I hope that Asobo - on the long run - will open up the simulator for 3rd party developer, e.g. the weather engine. But first of all this is work for Microsoft/Asobo and no profit. Let’s see what will happen - a closed FS2020 with all serious simmer using other sims or an open FS2020 that ruins the other sims.

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In case any gliding enthusiasts haven’t noticed, there is an NMEA interface program at

which means XCSoar works :slight_smile:

And Peter Luerkin’s WinchX! works for MSFS! :slight_smile:



Hello Keith, can you PLEASE give a tutorial on how to make WinchX! work together with FS2020? I want to have it too!

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I had already installed it for FSX and literally just run the EXE from the FSX modules folder, nothing installed in MSFS.

OK. I don’t have FSX. How can I use it in FS2020? Also just start the EXE? Where shall I put it?

Just unpack the ZIP to a folder of your choosing and run it from there.

Thanks. Didn’t work, though :frowning:
Get an error message that the “side-by-side configuration” is “invalid”

This is something to do with VisualC++ runtime libraries needed - search the internet for ‘side-by-side’

Thank you.-Found several articles.

  1. Reinstalling: Done no change
  2. used Power Shell with “sfc /scannow”
  3. repaired and later reinstalled all VC++ libraries, versions 2008 to 2019 x84 and x64.

Unfortunately no change. :frowning:

Found this at
"I sorted my problem by installing the correct version of SimConnect from the P3D redist directory. It needed this particular version installing:


The other versions didn’t work due due to the versioning in the manifest files."
Suggests you need the older simconnect too.

Thanks. Now there’s the question on where to get it. I wasn’t aware that I needed SimConnect since there’s no mention of it in the readme file of WinchX. What does it do?
I downloaded the current version of SimConnect but get the same error. I tried finding an older version. Don’t have FSX or P3D so that’s not an option.

You could try this one, hosted by FSEconomy

We reeally need gliders, it would be perfect with this visuals and weather engine, I really hope there is some news soon about that

Can you give us a link? For us that can’t see the first post about this?

Yes, gliders would be great and with realistic lift.

So, does anyone have inside information on the G103 that IRIS is planning to release?