Glider, sailplane, soaring, please!

Kinetic Assistant 0.7 released

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Yeah, it definitely is. The issue I have with it is that my home airport isn’t present, even with 3rd party sceneries. That’s the only “real” issue imo

Hello to everyone; I’m new here, in the forum… I have registered just to upvote this great, great thread!

MSFS as great as it is; it deserves (and also we) sailplanes and full support, on the simulator…
Flight Sims are a niche product. Sailplanes lovers and flyers ( for real or virtually) are a small number too. That doesn’t mean we also don’t deserve good things :slight_smile:

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the community, for the DG-808S conversion | and for the Kinetic Assistant application Thank you very much.

Maybe this is already «current thread followers knowledge»; if not, here it is (it’s not my all time favourite Schempp-Hirth’s Duo Discus) but, it is a start… Discus-2b Glider: by Aerosoar.

A lot of health and kind regards,

*I think they are going, for a “commercial release”… for now it is free (Beta 2.2).


I bought Condor2 back in 2018 and Condor1 … i don´t remeber when 2009? I reinstalled it today and flew it with my Quest2 in maximum resolution and 90hz. There are servers up to 100 players, I only found a server with one other glider during the day…

It is so close to the real thing, looking around while circling in the thermals and flying in the Alps. The graphics in VR are not too bad, it is really enjoyable.

I strongly recommend it to everyone, who is interested in gliding and multiplayer races.

If only Microsoft would implement the flight dynamics and undlying system of Condor2 in MSFS2020, that would be amazing.

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We all here trying to reach this goal.

So my advice - fly gliders in MSFS. Support any glider developers. If you have any useful skills, participate in glider projects. Became active tester is a must.


I don’t think the physics engine is the issue, I think it’s the lack of official support for gliders and thermals. Developers are working towards this though, lots of progress has been made!

It is not only about flying - also competitions, championships and rankings on server which is great in Condor2 :slight_smile:

You did not read me. We are working on it. Help us, and we will succeed much faster.


Imo Kinetic Assistant is better for towing than Condor in many ways.

Being able to have another aircraft in multiplayer as the towplane is awesome, could eventually help with towplane training.


Gliding in MSFS is a blast!
Would be nice to see some fellow gliders out and about. I have been hanging around Nephi often.

Can everyone please share their gliding locations so we can start crossing paths, thanks!


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We could easily organize an event on multiplayer and fly a task as regatta :slight_smile:
Time zone will be an issue.

Anyone create something like a Discord server or channel within the official server yet?
Might help.

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I don’t know how to do that, but i have created a “Bush Mission” yesterday that supports multiplayer. It follows a typical race course in Central Pennsylvania, and includes Alex’s Winch utility and his thermals as a file to load into Kinetic Assistant. Little Nav Map is used for a moving map. There is no Start Cylinder or finish line, but the missions are timed and could be adapted for a friendly competition. My best time take off to land was 1 hour 35 minutes. Maps and course suggestions are included in the down load, as well as thermal files correctly formatted, two flight plans one in native LNM format, and one in PLN format. (for practice). There is no need of course to load a flight plan or weather. Weather is a file automatically injected into the Bush trip and is the same for everyone as are thermal locations. I sort of hid the thermals from appearing in the LNM, but included is a map of “thermal activity”
Pennsylvania soaring challenge • Flight Simulator 2020

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You could do it as a postal if folks could not join live.

Thanks for the task! I flew it in 1:51 as the first ever gliding flight in MSFS2020. I couldn’t find any thermals after 2TP, almost outlanded, but got to the ridge which work well.
What I noticed about DG808mod is when you get higher sink rate the sound should be lower(bass).
Another thing is when I wanted to start the mission again the glider was in the woods away from airfield.

There are thermals in the valley after TP2 but few. also some in the last jump to Ridge soaring, and two around TP3 See the included map. let me know if you continue to have issues with restarting, works ok on my computer. there are a lot of little bugs and issues with BMG and the MSFS Bush missions. It is flyable without any thermals, BTW, just harder. Glad you liked it.

Even after reinstalling the mission my glider stands in the woods 1nm south-west of Eagle Field :frowning:

I have confirmed every time you fly a mission a save folder is created in
just delete that if something like this happens, you won’t need to do it everytime.
Let me know if it solves your problem.

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Problem solved.
Now we need task converter to XCSoar I think :slight_smile: Struggling to make it work…

Re vario sound - yeah there’s a bit of a versioning problem on the FSX DG808S conversion to MSFS, which is a bit of a four-way effort with different flight models and sounds (I think they have the same instruments but not 100% sure, and my version of vario sounds is the right way round…). We’ve collaborated via the Facebook MS Flight Simulators Gliding group but that isn’t a great location for downloads so “it’s complicated”… the FSX 808S adds a twist as we’re not 100% sure we should be publicly sharing the original FSX model. It’ll get cleaned up in time but by then maybe we’ll agree the FSX convert sucks anyway compared to shiny new MSFS gliders.