Glider, sailplane, soaring, please!

I made a flight model mod for the FSX Marko, Rossi, Lewis DG 808S for better flight behavior. See MSFS 2020 sailplane

From a Wolfgang Piper FSX sailplane. See

Hello! We would love if anyone will join some existing project, or start a new one.
You can check GitHub - thealx-eech/msfsKineticAssistant to have the idea about how it works. That is my first SimConnect experience, so trying to reach the goal step by step. Most frustrating fact that a lot of variables are disabled for update - we can’t change wind direction and force, scan nearby clouds position, or even animate tow handle in the cockpit.

Fair to mention our ALBATROSS project about competitions. It’s pretty simple at the moment, but we are having progress. It’s code not public available for obvious reason. Last feature btw - Ghost Reply - allow to replay RL tracking data.

Can you please share some details about your observations? I haven’t found a single proof of thermals as a result of any kind of temperature calculations. Even if developers/managers keep telling “it’s already there”.


Currently using kinetic assistant. Can recommend it for those who need a gliding/soaring fix.
Although i do find the kinetic assist UI somewhat cumbersome, the important features are all there. I’d would love to see the kinetic assist features worked into the game.
The sim DEVs should definetly check the addon for an idea of what features they should be aiming for.

Also shout out to the DG808S addon too. Great glider!


The Kinetic assistant is a good workaround to make gliding possible at all.
The only way to gain altitude without that is ridge soaring, but only with strong wind settings.

And because the up/down drafts are currently limited it’s no fun at all.

In the latest Q&A they stated that they have to improve the up and down drafts and thermals (which I never noticed anywhere) before giving us a realism slider, but that is not even started yet/ there is no timeline for that.

so if we want native glider support prioritised, we should all leave a vote right here as well:


Poll in our discord

Changed the name to “Vintage B-4” as Pilatus doesn’t like their copyright hanging over in simulation worlds. It also won’t include any copyright info and will be a strict loose copy. That being said, it will be extremely low cost and depending on the development results, possibly freeware… trying to maintain study level without getting myself into a lawsuit lol

Aside from that the Discus-2b will be entering official release 3.0 on the 20th! Major changes to follow!
Here is the special release trailer!


gldgljgf ://
It would be great if you can use the weather data like we do IRL .
Looking forward to a breathing atmosphere in MSFS .
There is going to have to be a check box/ slider to enable soaring weather as not all simmers will understand or want the active air .

I think if someone knows what is the issue he might be one of the readers of this topic.
With all the gliders having the “legacy-vcockpits-instruments”, I have instant CTD while trying to enter VR with Quest 2, Virtual Desktop and steam VR. No CTD with other planes, just instant CTD with all those gliders.
Any clue about that?

Legacy (FSX/FS9 converted) aircraft does not compatible with VR. exceptions are special one, that has additional “VR” livery, like DG808S.

Thank you. I got some help about that on discord, by editing the model.cfg file of the converted aircraft, it is possible to have them in VR without creating anything new. I have been able to modify the 582sl ultralight so that it works in VR (but I have no working gauge on the panel).

to fix gauges replace in panel.cfg file

location = interior ;


location = exterior ;

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I am going to try that as soon as I land…

EDIT: it works great, thank you so much !

Can you please post this information here? I will put it into the 582SL at MSFS 2020 sailplane I have no VR, therefore I did not work on this topic.

problem of this trick that if interior model missing some exterior parts (like tail or wings), your exterior model will look horrible

I don’t know if it is the right thing to do, but this is what I have changed for 582sl:

In model.cfg I changed that part:


by that part:

Yes, I removed the “interior=” reference
But therefore the exterior view looks weird because you can’t see the upper part of the wing.
If you only change this, the model works in VR without CTD but you don’t have gauge.

Then I applied the change provided by thealx2901 on panel.cfg and gauges were back in VR. I still have the problem with the upper wing not being correctly rendered from outside view.

It is better to ask someone who knows about all those things because I have absolutely no clue on how it works…

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And to be more in the topic: I tried to shut down the engine and do some ridge soaring with the 582sl but I had a very very bad glide ratio…

Glide ratio or (L/D)max is set to 20. Do you know the real world value? The main parameter for (L/D)max is
drag_coef_zero_lift = 0.390 ;
A lower value gives better (L/D)max. But normally you shall change other parameters, too.

I will ask a friend who owns one…

Any more news to share about the soaring weather improvements ,.

FB group MS gliders are gotting some models rady all we need now is propper thermals .

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Alexander Schleicher AS 33 Me now available to download.

It is still in Beta development but we are working on updates right now.