Global AI Ship Traffic V1 for MSFS

Knud from the development team is playing with that… But let’s face it… we are far from MSFS being a ship simulator… so far you can’t get seasick as ships are not affected by the water movement, but to make an airplane in the shape of a ship moving on the water is possible…


The seaplane is moving in water also right ? … turn a landed seaplane in a tanker and get sick :joy::grimacing:

Wow, this is awesome. Can’t wait.

Checking the traffic in Japan - here a container ship passing below Kenichi Ochiai’s version of the Akashi Kaikyō bridge near Kobe.


this looks absolutely gorgeous, looking forward to release

Excellent! I’ve been waiting for this. With no leisure boat traffic whatsoever the waters around populated areas were so dead and empty. No more. :slight_smile:

Thank you for making this!

P.S.: I haven’t noticed any performance impact of Global AI Ship Traffic with the ancient FSX engine, so MSFS should be fine too. :wink:

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Can’t wait to see the cruise ships in Bahamas, Caribbean and other cruise ports. Will they be landable where there is an H or the warships? :slight_smile:

We will not make them landable in this first version; this time around it is just eye candy to fill those empty oceans. We have for this first launch for MSFS focused on getting all the models to display correctly in the right place in the right time and also to add a number of new models - especially ferry routes. There are around 350-400 ships in the original package for FSX/P3D which have landable decks for helicopters or VTOL, but it is a project in itself to convert these models and at least for my share of these models I want to do a general upgrade while we anyway wait for helicopters to become a standard in MSFS.



Cant wait for it! :slight_smile: How do the different ship types know in which water’s they can operate and in which not? Are they following real routes, or do they just randomly drive around?

One addon I really look forward to. A great immersion enhancer in P3D. Thanks to the team to bring it over to MFS.

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The ships move along scheduled routes which are not their real life routes but realistic routes for each ship model and repaint. There are a lot of ferries included and they are on their real routes but not on their real schedules. You will find little traffic in the middle of the Atlantic as it wouldn’t serve much for must simmers, but in general you will find a traffic which is regionalized across the entire globe, so if you fly in Brazil you will see typical ships from that country e.g. naval vessels and fishing boats or large ore carriers - if you fly off the coast of China you will see Chinese Naval vessels and fishing boats but the same large ore carriers at the other end of their trip…
You will also see that Navy vessels are operating together - e.g. there is a large landing exercise off the Danish military terrain Oksbøl with ships from around 10 different NATO countries - or in the screenshot above a line of Royal Navy ships returning to the their home port.

Screenshot made near Istanbul - the ship in the foreground is a Russian built Volgobalt class which you will like in real life find in the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea - we still haven’t done traffic for the Russian rivers, but it is a class of ships built for coastal waters and rivers around the European part of Russia, so this is where you will find it in our package.


Wow … sounds great

Would be cewl if this somehow could be connected to MarineTraffic or shipfinder or something .

Thanks for clarifying this, much appreciated!

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really looking good.
i wonder if its possible to add usserroutes?

Looking forward to this more than Helicopters. :slight_smile:


:astonished: Bite your tongue,. LOL

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I’m really looking forward to this.

Hopefully the scheduled ferries will include the Staten Island ferries?

Is the Canadian Coast Guard ship new? I don’t remember spotting any in the P3D version, but it’s entirely possible that I missed them. Lots of water around the country after all.