Global AI Ship Traffic V2 native version and Great Lakes

aaaaaah. o.k.:slight_smile:

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Tks for the detailed answer Henrik.
Excellent work with the West Coast ferries.


Thanks. Does anyone have the current bug report? I’d like to check status and see where it is in the queue.

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…and you will release an update which is not crashing the sim at loading time, when ? We are on 2.15 for several months now. Lovely models btw, looking fab ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great. Is it similar to what Seafront logged in a Bug Report here?

i guess it is the same issue.

Yes, it is the same.

AI ships always spawn at ocean level independently of the level of the real water surface and thereby the mesh’s height above the water surface.

Follow an AI ship up the Mississippi and you will see it disappear slowly into the water.

Or through the Panama Channel it will be submerged with masts sticking out…

Obviously in the Great Lakes it will be far below the water surface if it wasn’t for me moving the center point of the models used in the Great Lakes addon 60-80 meters up…


Okay - it may be best for everyone to vote in on Seafront’s bug report. I can then ask to see if Dev Team can review.


The next version will come when we are ready. it is a completely different technology so it takes time. Uninstall or check the workarounds discussed eg on avsim. And be happy you did not pay anything.


Hmmm… I’m in doubt… It’s kind of an SDK issue and yet it isn’t :slight_smile:


Any preview screenshots for the caribbean region?

Example, Aruba has lots of mored boats.

And Curacao lots of traffic due to oil refinary.

Also same for Venezuela, Caracas lots of big oil ships.

Wondering if you gave those region love?


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Well said Henrik :slightly_smiling_face:.

Very much looking forward to the new update myself but ‘it’s out when it’s out’.

As I think you have said previously, you find this a relaxation from your real life job. And so, it should continue to be :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know Denmark is a very small part of the world, but since it is your homestead, can we expect some live traffic in and around it?


Just remember the war of 1812 treaty still prevents huge Naval presence on the Great Lakes but we do have navy museum ships that probably would just be used a turret farms :slight_smile:

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Since they’re working on live traffic, it should be everywhere around the globe.


Please don’t be so pragmatic. It hurts discussion.

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While Kai works on the injection I have fun doing more ships - here the Northern Expedition serving Port Hardy - Prince Rubert on the Canadian West Coast.


Any chance of the New Zealand inter island ferries? They’re currently just represented by small cruise ships


It will probably be too much to promise for this update, but the Interislander is on my list.

French training ship Belem by Erwin Welker