Global AI Ship Traffic V2 native version and Great Lakes


I’m sure it’s been asked a thousand times, but looking in Little Nav Map, is there a way to tell if the particular AI ship is from the stock sim vs. GAIST?


Oddly satisying to watch :laughing:


I kept all the regions in the community folder and have had no loading problems and have switched between regions without restarting the sim. The only flaw I noticed was a ship in New York harbor that kept spinning slowly in the same spot. Other than that marine traffic is simply awesome, and I am seeing so many boats I never saw before. The night lighting on the ships is a huge plus. I thank you, Kali and whoever else participated with the development of GAIST. I can tell much love went into it.

EDIT: I spoke too soon. TFFJ wouldn’t load. Had to restart the sim and it loaded fine. Any idea what’s up with that? It’s only happened once so far and I have been switching from region to region. Maybe it was a fluke. Still very happy with this.

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yes, all my ships are called AI_XXXXXXX - the stock ships does not use the prefix AI_

And no, I didn’t get that question before and it is a good question - and the ship you found is mine and sim name is AI_Torm_Almena and here a link to her page on

Vessel TORM ALMENA (Chemical Tanker) IMO 9465980, MMSI 219415000 (


They will come in another round. Of new cruise ships we added three types of cruise ships from Royal Caribbean cruises, three from Norwegian Cruise Line, and two models from Windstar Cruises. That adds to the ships already included from Carnival Cruise Lines, MSC, P&O, National Geographic, Compagnie du Ponant and others… The below screenshot is from a real time test over Miami


Thanks for the feedback… When you jump from place to place you might get some issues - I do a lot of jumping for testing purposes and occasionally I also see eg that no ships load at all. Of course neither the sim nor this addon is optimized for jumping around loading the whole world, but if it happens, then the cure is as you did. Restart. Anyway I recommend just using the regions relevant for the flight to keep stress on the computer as low as possible. The spinning issue will be resolved with the real time version, where we will however introduce other small visual annoyances :upside_down_face: but also some great sights… here testing in New York Real Time yesterday…


This adds so much to the hobby, thank you and your team for all the work you are putting into this!


now also available from
Global AI Ship Traffic MSFS GAIST Ultra V3 » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Great job with the update. Congratulations.
A question about something commented by @WaterLattice34.
Is it possible to activate and deactivate regions without restarting the simulator?
Thank You


I will leave to others to say what is the correct procedure - for precaution I always close the sim when doing changes to my community folder and I have to say my simulator mostly behaves nicely :smiley:

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Having tried this once, I would say it’s not possible to do that, and to follow Henrik’s advice to close the sim and restart when changing regions. It appears that the regions are ‘loaded’ into the sim at some point during the startup procedure, and if you switch regions during an active flight, the new region isn’t recognized. Now, this may have been a one-time fluke, but if you’re using Addons Linker (as I am) you can always give it a try on your own :slightly_smiling_face:


As I never know where I’m gonna fly prior to loading then I just load all the folders anyway, means a slightly longer load time but I can live with that.


I was notified that it looks like is experiencing problems - that usually happens when we launch :roll_eyes: - but the download can also be found here on flyawaysimulation:

AI Ships, Boats & Global Traffic for MSFS (

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Kielfjord has just updated his Kielfjord vessels scenery for Northern Germany to match the new version of Global AI Ship Traffic - you can find his scenery here: Scenery_Kielfjord_vessels_4.9.5 » Microsoft Flight Simulator


What a great piece of work. I’ve been using this in various incarnations since FSX and you never disappoint.

Since people are making requests, any chance the Malta-Gozo ferries will appear in a future release?

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is this the one…?


edit… Just checked - that one sails on the Malta - Gozo route and it is effectively included with a different repaint already and in the bgl version on a different route, but it will already be in the right place in the real time version. The three other ferries on the route will be displayed with similar sized double ended ferries.

Yeah, I thought it was because of this! :rofl:
At first it said 19 hours to download the 2.2gb :slight_smile:

It was going at 48kb/s whilst I was flying and I just left it in the background, when I came back to desktop it had failed but I could click Resume in Chrome and it continued from like 20% and did the rest in 45 seconds! So looks like it’s back to normal now.

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Same here and I don’t notice any FPS loss. But sometimes it freezes while loading an airport. Today I was flying around KORD, then switched to KBOS and the sim froze and I had to restart it. This is only the second time this has happened to me and I have been all over the world so it’s much better with V3.

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Thanks Henrik. They’d be nice to have :smiley:

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Yes, this happened to me too a couple of times.

Full disclosure, though, I did have Seafront global loading up as well and I also turned up sea traffic to 100% and I also enabled all the world routes.

Basically, all this was, I think, an experiment almost bound to end in a sim freeze. Next time I will only take traffic to 10% and only use GAIST as previously advised and maybe only use a world route I am siming in.

Anyway, no real harm done. No indication yet that I have caused any regional power blackouts and if it does happen it definitely wasn’t me. Honestly! :rofl: