Global AI Ship Traffic V2 native version and Great Lakes

Did you check this file

FSX/P3D A.I. Ship Locator for Global AI Ship Traffic V2 which you can find on

It does not cover the latest updates but around 75% of the traffic is covered. Even if it says FSX/P3D those routes are still valid in MSFS so you can still use it.

EDIT… I just edited the file name - I might have sent some of you to the wrong file. Name is now right.

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Dutch designed patrol boats from Dutch Antilles, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Canada.


If GAIST V3 is installed, does the Great Lakes GAIST mod still need to be installed as well?

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Yes. Otherwise ships will be under water - basically the ships models in that pack are moved upwards from their origin point to be displayed at the correct height visually.

That’s a bug Asobo has to fix and a reason you won’t see ships on rivers as all ships are glued to sea level.


Thank you :heart:

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Thanks to hnielsen791 and others for this great ship traffic addon.
I’m a big fan of ‘Sleipnir’ and ‘Thialf’, both Sleipnir A an B i located, but where/how can i find '‘Thialf’ ?
Best regards

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Regards to Sleipnir A, B and Thialf I think you mess up with the Aerosoft North Sea - we do not at this point have any fixed oil rigs included. I do not know if Thialf is included in Aerosoft.

That said, once we get the GAIST RT released we will proceed to look at the oil rigs.


How’s that coming along? Should we expect anything in the very near future?

Both Sleipnir and Thialf are semi submersible crane vessels. Not (real) platforms. They are capable to move under their own power. :slight_smile:

Both are with some frequency found in Rotterdam. Usually at 51.9254, 4.2102.

as said earlier, we do not comment on release timeframes or dates :wink: It will be released when we are done and the backend provided by FleetMon is stable to run all of the expected users ^^


OK I will take that as a no then. Thanks for the update.

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Will it be finished this month, next month, next year? Surely you have some kind of time frame. Having said that I am very happy with what I have now and I do appreciate all the work and effort you guys are doing.

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Next year. Maybe a bit sooner.

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Next decade… Greetings Star Citizen! :rofl:

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Gotta love an optimist.

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“Good things come to those who wait”

Ill happy wait for this great addon, its free!!!

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Totally understand why you don’t comment on release dates especially as this is freeware and done in your own spare time.

I will be very happy to wait until you feel that this is ready for release whenever this may be :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, great product and thank you very much for providing this free of charge :+1:t2:

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Take as long as you like, saving up for a new GPU so I can enjoy it in VR!


We are working on it, but as some of you mention we all have our other priorities in life


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